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Does Bojangles Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Does Bojangles Support Israel or Palestine? [2024]

Bojangles is a popular fast-food restaurant company from the US. It is mostly known for its Cajun-seasoned fried chicken along with buttermilk biscuits. Founded in 1977, it has over 800 locations as of 2024.

Now, keeping that apart, do you think Bojangles is involved in the current conflict between Israel and Palestine? Because, we not only have rumors involving it, but many asking questions like – does Bojangles support Israel? Does Bojangles support Palestine?

The Internet has many things to highlight, but if you want a proper and updated answer, then all you have to do is continue reading because the article below contains the correct answer to the question – does Bojangles support Israel or Palestine?

Does Bojangles Support Israel or Palestine?

Unfortunately, there is no factual answer to the aforementioned question because Bojangles has not openly supported any of the two countries involved in the conflict. 

Bojangles Official Statement on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

There is no official statement or anything else of that sort released by Bojangles, neither on the conflict between the two countries nor in itself being involved in related rumors.

Boycott Movement Against Bojangles

Fortunately, since Bojangles seems to have no close or direct relations with Israel, it is not mentioned on the boycott list. 

Bojangles & Israel

To start with, Bojangles has no presence, either official or franchised, in Israel, and also doesn’t have any interest in entering the Israeli market any time soon, as of 2024.

In addition to that, it has been silent all along, and neither side with Israel, nor criticized Palestine. 

Bojangles & Palestine

Bojangles has no presence in Palestine either and is highly likely to enter the Palestinian market any time soon in the future.

Moreover, it seems to be staying out of the controversies and rumors because it has neither supported nor criticized any of the two countries openly, which also includes Palestine. 

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Final Words 

To summarize the above article – we think that either Bojangles wants to secretly maintain its neutral stand in the conflict, or it merely wants to stay out of controversies and rumors.

In the end, it is up to you to decide if you wish to boycott Bojangles and see it as supporting the oppressor in the war or not.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Bojangles Pro Israel?

We don’t think Bojangles is pro-Israel because it doesn’t have any presence in the country and hasn’t voiced out its support either.

Is Bojangles Pro Palestine?

There is probably no way that Bojangles is pro-Palestine because neither did it support Palestine openly, nor criticized Israel for its policies and actions.