Crunchyroll Manga App Not Working? [Fixed 2023]

Crunchyroll Manga App Not Working fix

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Not able to read Crunchyroll Manga? Is your Crunchyroll Manga app not working? Many people are also encountering the same issue. Want to know how to solve this issue? In this article, I’ll show you a simple and effective way to fix the Crunchyroll manga app not working problem.

Crunchyroll Manga app offers the best version of Japanese comics. If offers some latest hit titles like Space Brothers, Attack on Titan, Coppelion, Fairy Tail and much more. With a premium plan, you can be able to view the complete series catalog anytime, anywhere and acquire full mobile support as well as “Koma-View,” that lets maximum scale per board.

Crunchyroll Manga App Not Working [How to Fix]

First of all, to solve this issue, you have to know what is the exact cause behind this problem.

Why is Crunchyroll Manga App Not Working?

There can be many reasons why Crunchyroll Manga is not working. Among them the most common reason can be poor internet connection, server down, device problems, etc.

Follow the few troubleshooting methods mentioned below to solve the Crunchyroll Manga app not working issue:

Check internet connectivity

Sometimes, poor internet connection can be the reason behind why Crunchyroll Manga app is not working. So, make sure that you have undisturbed internet connection and see if your Wi-Fi or mobile is connected properly.

If your device is connected over a Wi-Fi network or home network, try connecting your device to your mobile network and vice versa. If internet connection is not your problem, check out the following methods.

Update Crunchyroll Manga App

Make sure that you are connected to proper internet connection and confirm that you have enough storage space in your device. Now, check for the available updates in your app store. If there is any update available, click on update to ensure Crunchyroll Manga app is up-to-date.


To check if others are also facing the same issue, you can visit to know the temporary service outage and server down issues in your area.

Conclusion: If your issue till persists, you can try contacting to Crunchyroll Manga app’s support team at [email protected] and explain your issue. I hope the above article has helped you to fix the Crunchyroll Manga app not working issue.

Why my Crunchyroll Manga app is not working?

There can be many reasons why Crunchyroll Manga is not working such as poor internet connection, server down or device issues.


How do I fix Crunchyroll Manga app not working issue?

Make sure that you have proper internet connection and check for available updates.

Is Crunchyroll Manga offline?

Yes, you can be able to download and read your favorite Manga offline.

Can you read Manga on Crunchyroll app?

Yes, Crunchyroll Manga app offers unlimited access to several latest manga as soon as they in newsstands of Japan.

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