Fix: Crunchyroll Error Code Shak-1002 [2023]

Crunchyroll Error Code Shak-1002

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Crunchyroll Error Code Shak-1002: Crunchyroll is a popular online streaming service that primarily offers anime, manga, and other Asian content across the world.

However, like several other error codes that you may encounter on Crunchyroll, error code Shak-1002 is one of them which is preventing them to stream content.

If you’ve also encountered the same error and wondering how you can fix it, don’t worry. In this article, we’ve given some solutions which can help you fix the Crunchyroll error code Shak-1002.

What is Crunchyroll Error Code Shak-1002?

A lot of people on Reddit and Twitter have complained that they encounter the error code shak-1002 when they try to stream content on Crunchyroll. And the following error message is displayed on their screen – Oops! Something went wrong. Try again.

How to Fix: Crunchyroll Error Code Shak-1002

Since there is no official information regarding the error shak-1002, we’ve mentioned a few troubleshooting solutions that can help you fix the error.

Check Your Internet Connectivity

Whenever you get the error code shak-1002 on Crunchyroll, one of the first things you should do is check your internet connection. Because a poor or unstable internet connection can cause issues and prevent Crunchyroll from working properly.

Therefore, ensure that you’ve got a strong internet connection. If not, restart your modem and router, or even switch your network to a metered connection.

Wait For A While

If you think that the issue can be a server-related issue, visit websites like Isitdownrightnow or Downdetector and see if everyone is facing the same issue. If so, all you can do is wait till it is fixed at Crunchyroll’s end.  

Refresh The Page

Sometimes, you may encounter the error shak-1002 when the page didn’t load properly. In this case, refresh the page and see if this fixes the problem.

Disable Ad-Blocker

Using an ad-blocker can block cookies that a lot of streaming platforms use to check for multiple logins and other piracy-related checks.

So, using an ad-blocker while streaming Crunchyroll can cause a playback error, thus causing error shak-1002.

Check For Updates

There is a possibility that you might be using an older version of the Crunchyroll app which is causing errors like shak-1002.

Therefore, check for updates on the Google Play Store or App Store and make sure you are using the latest version. By doing so, it can potentially fix any buys or issues that might be causing the error code shak-1002.

Log Out & Log-In Again

At times, the problem can be with your account. So, try logging out of your account and then log-in back again. If this didn’t work, log out of your account, and then restart the app and log in back.

Clear Cache

Cache or the data stored in your device can get corrupted and cause errors like shak-1002. Therefore, clear the cache and other stored data of your browser or Crunchyroll app and check if this solves the problem.

If this doesn’t work for your browser, you can try using Crunchyroll in incognito or private mode. Or simply use a different browser, such as Edge.

Reinstall the Crunchyroll App

If the above solutions didn’t help, uninstall the Crunchyroll app from your device and reinstall it again. In this way, it’ll also install the latest version of the app which will have new features and bug fixes.

Contact Support

At last, all you can do is contact Crunchyroll customer support and report the error you are currently facing for further assistance. So, visit here and submit a request.

Final Words:

Alternatively, you can try using a different device to make sure that issue is not with your device. So, we hope this article has helped you know how to fix the Crunchyroll error code shak-1002.


Why do I get the error code Shak-1002 on Crunchyroll?

It can be due to a poor internet connection, corrupted cache, server-related issues, or you might be using an outdated version of the Crunchyroll app.

How do I fix Crunchyroll error shak-1002?

Disable your ad-blocker, refresh the page, log out and log in again, and ensure you are using the updated version of the app.

Why can’t I use Crunchyroll with a VPN?

Using a VPN while streaming content on Crunchyroll is against Crunchyroll’s Terms of Service.

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