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Fix: Cricut Error Code 1002 on iPad [2024]

Fix: Cricut Error Code 1002 on iPad [2024]

Cricut Error Code 1002 on iPad: Cricut is an American-based brand delivering some smart products like computer-controlled cutting machines, cutting plotters, and more such items – all designed to make crafter’s work easier.

To use the Cricut machine you have to install the Cricut software on your devices – which, according to the majority of the users, do a good job in easily doing the craft. But, some of the users have recently complained about the Cricut Error Code 1002 on iPad. 

This code prevents you from connecting your iPad to the Cricut machine and doesn’t allow you to get started with your craft work. But, no more worries because we are going to note down some useful troubleshooting solutions to solve your ‘Cricut Error Code 1002 on iPad’ issue once and all.

What is the Cricut Error Code 1002 on iPad?

The Cricut Error Code 1002 on iPad seems to be a common error occurring for iPad users whenever they try to connect their Cricut machines to their iPad.

This error code states that there is an issue with the network between the device and the Cricut machine. However, there’s no exact cause of the issue as said by Cricut itself. 

How to Fix: Cricut Error Code 1002 on iPad

Check Cricut App Settings

The Cricut design space app is a user-friendly app, but it still requires some proper setup to work perfectly with your Cricut machine. But, if you have made mistakes setting up the app, then it might start showing problems whenever you try to connect your iPad to the Cricut machine.

Therefore, make sure all the Cricut design space app settings are correct on syncing with the Cricut machine. 

Check Wi-Fi Settings 

This shouldn’t be a regular problem, but if your iPad and Cricut machine isn't connected to the same Wi-Fi network, then it’ll be hard to connect your iPad to the Cricut machine.

That is why you should make sure the Wi-Fi settings are in sync with each other for both devices – and also ensure that the network password you have entered in both devices is correct. 

Restart the iPad

The error code we are talking about is an unknown yet common issue, which means it might be involved in minor glitches and bugs in your iPad.

To solve this problem, you should try restarting your iPad, and all the minor bugs will be kicked out automatically.

Restart the Cricut Machine

If there are bugs and glitches in your device, then the Cricut machine might also have a couple of them. Therefore, restarting the Cricut machine might help you get rid of the issue in a few minutes.

Check for Cricut App Updates

If there are pending updates for the Cricut app, then there’s no way it will work properly in sync with the Cricut machine. Thus, check for any Cricut app updates and if you found any – then don’t take time to update the app.

Note: using the Cricut app, even leaving it open while it’s updating, can invite more bugs and glitches, so make sure the app is entirely shut down while it’s updating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is error 1002 on Cricut app?

The error 1002 on the Cricut app seems to be a network error stating that the Network HTTP request by you has failed. In simple words, it might be stating a connection timeout or warning for some other connectivity problems. 

Why won’t my iPad connect to Cricut?

If your iPad isn’t connecting to Cricut, then you should try restarting your iPad on the Cricut machine, check your Wi-Fi settings, check if there are any updates pending for the Cricut software, or check the Cricut app settings.