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CollX App Review: Have You Heard About It? [2024]

CollX App Review: Have You Heard About It? [2024]

CollX App Review: So in this miniature, we are going to talk about the CollX app you are its CollX. CollX app stands for sports card scanner which helps you scan sports cards, price them and build your connection.

In basic pronunciation, CollX is pronounced as “Collects” which come easy to answer the simplest question of the collectors of how much worth the sports card has. It is basically for the sports lover who loves to have a sports card.

By the end of this miniature you will get to know about what CollX is and its key features of the same.

CollX app review

Key Features of CollX

  • This generally allows its users to scan cards of different sports namely baseball, football, and basketball.
  • This app scans the particular card and gives you an average market value for the same.
  • Once the scanning of the card is completed, then you can choose to build your collection.
  • After adding the cards to our collection, then you can track your portfolio too.
  • It not only provides scanning and adding a card but also provides socializing features.
  • With Collx, you can easily follow other users and message them and make your friends circle or social circle.
  • CollX also has to sell and buying feature where it allows you to sell your cards and others can buy them.
  • It also has a unique feature of giving the average market value for your card from which you can estimate the price you want to keep as the selling price.
  • The database of CollX is more than 8 million unique cards of sports categories, hence when you scan a card with CollX, you will easily get an accurate report for the same.
  • It also has connected to your address book feature, where you can easily add your contacts to your CollX app and show them your collection and build together.
  • CollX recently has started supporting cards of wrestling too.
  • CollX also identifies graded cards with barcodes, and parallel and reprint versions of cards for its customers.
  • CollX generally uses millions of auction prices of the particular card to give you the best average value of the card with the team working for it for 10 years of experience and more.
  • It also has a customizable feature where it allows you to set grades and conditions of your cards on your portfolio to get your choice of average market values.
  • For building collection, it has many features like viewing your collection in a grid form, lits, or sets format.
  • It also has custom notification features for its customers to keep them updated with new cards, databases, friends, and prices.
  • It also has referral points for its customers you refer it to their friends and contacts.
  • It also has a feature where you can add your card without having it handy or lost somewhere, all you have to do is just search their database and select the card you won and add it simply to your collection.

Final Words: CollX App Review:

Lastly, here we provided you with a snippet of our CollX app review and introduction. Hope you find it a little help and stay tuned for more.