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Is not working? – is not working on your device? – or is down? If you're having trouble working with, you can feel free. We will show you how to overcome the problems you are facing and we hope you find the solution after reading the article. is for playing chess, which is one of the old strategy games. Helps improve logical skills such as tactics, strategy and visual memory. In addition, it brings problem-solving skills, builds confidence, develops creativity, helps focus, and more.

There is a possible chance that it might not work due to an inadequate network connection. Just check your network connectivity and try again after a while or open a chrome if you are using other browsers.

Is down?

Currently, a check is down or not at the down-detector. You can relax if it appears down there because it is a general problem and if it is not down there, then there would be a server problem that could be created due to the increased number of users at the same time.

You need to give time to find the solution to the server problem and come back after a short time.

Why is not working?

Chess will not work if you do not have a stable internet connection, cached files, or because of an older version of an application. To get the solution, you can follow the steps below:

Stabilize your internet connection

First of all, you need to check your internet speed, as a slow internet connection often becomes an obstacle in working in Chrome or any other browser.

Clear cookies and cache files

Sometimes your mobile phone's cache files interrupt you and create some errors and errors that can be removed by deleting cached files and cookies from your browser settings.

Disable browser extensions

Disabling browser extensions affect the way it works in a way that often consumes a lot of memory and affects the way the website works. So it's best to turn them off during the game.

Why is the Chess app working?

There can be many reasons for not working with a chess application, such as an older version of an application, cache files, and so on. Follow the article carefully to get the solution.

Common steps to fix

There are common steps listed below that need to be followed to fix the operation of a chess application.

Check your internet connection

A slow internet connection always becomes an obstacle in working on an application. You need to check your internet connection and try again, otherwise, you may try to turn off your wi-fi connection and turn it on after a while and try again.

If it does not work, turn off the modem/router and try to turn it on after a short time.

Cache files

Note that caches and some unwanted errors and errors often stop working with the app, and to get rid of them, you can simply delete those caches from your mobile settings and see if it helps.

Update the application

An older version of an application always creates a problem with the operation and creates many errors and errors that slow down the operation. So you need to try it after updating an application and see if it helps.

Reinstall the application

If updating the app does not resolve your issue, you can reinstall the app after deleting it, as it will resolve some internal issues and help you resolve the issue.

Restart your mobile

If none of the above solutions can work on an application. Restart your mobile phone, as it will solve some internal problems created by the application and allow you to work chess without any problems.

Check server status

Initially, you need to check the chess down-detector and if it shows a problem with the server, then Chess will work on it and provide you with a better solution that will help you solve your problem. Facebook login is not working

If you're having trouble signing in with Facebook, please check your details, including passwords, and try again after entering the correct information.

Contact customer support

If the solutions in this article do not address this issue, you can contact our customer support team for further questions and try to explain the problem you are currently facing.

You can submit your request in the help section and select to report a bug and tell them your problem or click here to contact customer support.


Why doesn't work?

It may not work due to unstable internet connectivity, caching and cookies, and browser extensions. You should have a strong internet connection, clear your cache and remove unwanted browser extensions, and see if it helps.

Is getting rid of live chess?

Not at all, eliminate live games. Just remove the old live interface and live chess will continue to be played.

Is a safe site?

Yes, it is a completely safe and secure and useful site for playing chess online, which improves many of your skills, such as concentration, problem-solving skills, and so on.

Is playing for free?

Yes, it's free to play chess at basic membership is almost free. You can play freestyle and a real-time chess game.