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Burlington vs TJ Maxx: The Ultimate Off-Price Showdown [2024]

Burlington vs TJ Maxx: The Ultimate Off-Price Showdown [2024]

All of us love marketplaces — stores that give you a good variety of different brands to choose from, where you don’t have to shop from only a bunch of collections, with a good range in pricing available. 

However, what is the other form of marketplace that can help you save a bit more? Off-price retail brands, also called discounted store chains, are where you can find good quality products from popular and trusted brands at a discounted rate.

Currently, Burlington and TJ Maxx are two famous names from the same category, being compared — and if you are also here to know which one is a better option for you, then all you have to do is have a look at our comparison between Burlington vs TJ Maxx below. 

Burlington vs TJ Maxx: Overview


Burlington, previously known as Burlington Coat Factory, is a USA-based off-price department store company with over 1000 stores in 40 states and Puerto Rico, founded in 1972, in Burlington Township, New Jersey.

Burlington is where you can save and explore a wide collection of good-quality and brand-name clothing, home decor essentials, and more such categories – where you can search for the latest fashion trends and styles at affordable rates.

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx, founded in 1976 in Framingham, Massachusetts, the US, is one of the most popular American department store chains in the nation — offering authentic items at lower and discounted prices, and claiming the title of one of the biggest clothing retailers nationwide.

TJ Maxx, with over 1200 stores in the US, is a platform to shop for home decor, clothing, shoes, and such categories to fit different styles — offering multiple opportunities to grab branded products at the lowest prices in the market, with quality not compromised. 

TJ Maxx



Before we talk about categories and products, in case you don’t know – Burlington is well-known for unexpected finds across all its categories, and you might end up finding something really helpful or interesting at a cheap price with good quality here. 

Now, moving ahead with the category list – Burlington deals in a selection of departments, including accessories, home goods, clothing, footwear, home office, and many more, and involves a perfect blend of both popular and under brands. 

TJ Maxx

Unlike Burlington, you can’t possibly play a treasure hunt at the TJ Maxx store, but the main highlight for this brand is that it offers products from multiple designer and high-end labels at lower and discounted prices. 

Apart from that, TJ Maxx, mainly prioritizes three categories, including footwear, accessories, and clothing. Along with this, you can also shop from some other sections, like men, women, kids, baby, and beauty. 

Pricing & Deals


One of the main reasons behind Burlington being at the top of the category is the fact that it is an outstanding option when you want to save as much as possible and have a tight budget.

For instance — when you want to refresh your wardrobe urgently but your salary is still 10 days away. 

Furthermore, Burlington offers big discounts and deals, where the offer percentage often ranges from 50% to 70% on regular department stores and market prices. 

Also, you get to enjoy additional deals and clearance sales at the time of special occasions and seasons. 

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx, of course, has pricing starting from a bit higher since most of its products come from popular and high-end brands.

Yet, it has a similar discount and pricing structure as Burlington, so when you are in a pinch but still want to shop for quality products, then TJ Maxx is waiting for you. 

In addition to that, TJ Maxx is also popular for promotions and high discounts, with a clearance sale available all time of the year – all of these, altogether, help you save big time on quality products. 

Furthermore, as expected, these offers and promotions only grow at the time of special seasons and occasions, especially Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, and a few more. 

Shopping & Customer Service Experience


Burlington is one of the oldest labels in the US, and although it has been evolving alongside technology, it has a similar overwhelming atmosphere because of its huge stores and formats like before.

Also, you might have a bit of a hard time searching for a specific product since Burlington stores are not usually organized neatly.

Now talking about the customer service experience – many have stated that Burlington doesn’t prioritize customer service, and you will most likely be left alone in search of your item. 

TJ Maxx 

Compared to Burlington, the TJ Maxx store format and design are neat and with a modern touch — where you will most likely have an easy and fair shopping experience, with no issues in finding specific products. 

Additionally, the stores are also neatly organized with a streamlined setup, and that atmosphere is often good to be in. 

As for the customer service experience – TJ Maxx offers a bit of extra sales assistance compared to Burlington, and you will mostly have a staff approaching you if you seem lost. 

Which Is Better For You?

To start with – when it comes to the inventory, we are not sure which of the two brands offers more options.

But, it seems that while Burlington offers more categories to shop from, TJ Maxx has a smaller number of departments, but each comes with more options than you can find at Burlington. 

In addition to that, you must note that Burlington is a platform offering a blend of both popular and underrated labels, along with high-end and affordable brands — while TJ Maxx mainly offers selections from designer and name-brands. 

When it comes to pricing and deals – both the department store chains do not hold back, and with a similar structure, their discount percentage range is also similar, with TJ Maxx charging a bit higher rates for high-end products.

Lastly, as expected from TJ Maxx, it does a fair job in providing assistance in stores — compared to which, Burlington staff may seem a little set back. 

Final Words

In conclusion – it is clear that Burlington is for those interested in checking out both affordable and expensive products, and are fine exploring products from underrated labels along with known brands.

Meanwhile, TJ Maxx is a great option for you if you want to and can spend a bit extra on better quality and branded products, and choose to buy from some of the top brands at slightly higher prices. 

With That, we have reached the end of the article, and hope our comparison between Burlington vs TJ Maxx was helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is TJ Maxx or Burlington cheaper?

No. TJ Maxx mainly focuses on offering designer and expensive brand products, while Burlington offers a mixture of expensive and affordable brands, so Burlington is the cheaper one.

Is Burlington owned by TJ Maxx?

No, Burlington is not owned by TJ Maxx. It is a subsidiary of Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation, while TJ Maxx is a subsidiary of TJX Companies. 

Is the Burlington Coat Factory like TJ Maxx?

Burlington Coat Factory and TJ Maxx have many similarities, but they can also be differentiated — like, Burlington is for middle-class and higher middle-class, and TJ Maxx is recommended for higher middle-class and rich mostly.