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9 Top Bunnings Competitors & Alternatives to Check out [2024]

9 Top Bunnings Competitors & Alternatives to Check out [2024]

Bunnings Competitor, Bunnings Alternative: Founded in 1886,  Bunnings is a trusted household hardware company in Australia, handling Hardware and garden centre chain stores across Australia and New Zealand. 

At Bunnings, one can get their hands on seasonal as well as regular household items, including garden tools, outdoor furniture, BBQ essentials, Christmas lighting, and many more. Indeed, it is a good brand with affordable items, but, if you want more options, then there are plenty of similar labels in the market. 

These labels not only offer more categories, but the quality and material options may also vary, allowing you to adhere to all your likes. So, are you interested to know more about them? If yes, then continue reading the article because it contains the list of the top Bunnings competitors. 

List of Bunnings Competitors/Bunnings Alternative:

1. Stratco 

Stratco Bunnings Competitors

Stratco is listed on this list because it has more than 70 years of experience in this field. It is for all those who wish to buy some unique and quality verandas, garages, roofing, guttering, and many more such essentials for their home.

Moreover, Stratco has plenty of deals and promotional offers where you can get your hands on exclusive specials, according to season as well as peak days. As for the variety, there’s rarely anything you won’t find, with better and more options available. 

Key Highlights

  • It offers products in a big list of categories, including fencing, screening, walling, building, hardware, garden, lighting, electrical, mining, decorator, plumbing, tanks, storage, cleaning tools, and more. 
  • The pricing is set up according to the budgets of average customers. 
  • By joining its super saver club for free, you can receive reward points for every penny you spend – a $5 voucher for every 100 points. 

2. The Good Guys 

The Good Guys Bunnings Alternatives

The Good Guys is an electronics retailer operating a number of consumer electronic retail stores across Australia, previously also in New Zealand. Here, you can be less for a regular as well as the seasonal appliances, beating high prices on many products. 

In addition to that, you can shop for your favourite products from well-known and trusted brands, including Phillips, TCL, Hisense, LG, Lavazza, Breville, and more. Also, if you’re shopping online, then you can also check reviews and star ratings for every product before buying. 

Key Highlights

  • You can shop for diversified products, including fridges, washing machines, TVs, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, dryers, dishwashers, laptops, and more. 
  • The prices can be reasonable for the majority of middle-class people, especially with the instalment payment method. 
  • You can pay in 4 instalments through PayPal. 

3. Tradelink 


Tradelink is available for those who wish to build their homes from scratch, or just renovate it for a better tomorrow. It is a trusted platform where you can buy a good variety of plumbing supplies, and if you are in a hurry, then the next-day dispatch is also available. 

Moreover, you can find plenty of deals and promotional offers from a big list of reliable brands, including Cotto, Brivis, Bermuda, Argent, Aulic, Clark, Aulic, and many more. 

Key Highlights

  • It has a diverse range of products like laundry, kitchen, bathroom, heating, cooling, and appliances.
  • The pricing is suitable for an average person’s budget. 
  • If you are out of ideas, then to get inspiration, you can visit its site and navigate to the inspiration page to find multiple buying guides, looks, and more.  

4. Home Hardware 

Home Hardware

Home Hardware is a well-known home improvement company privately held in Canada, also offering expertise in furniture and construction materials. 

It has been around since 1964, and as of September 2024, it offers you a massive inventory with over 100,000 items available. Also, just so you know, the inventory is always on the run to update and enhance with new trends. 

Moreover, it is known to offer products from only reliable and hundreds of popular brands, like Echo, Orion, Omega, Excel, Nestle, Nivea, and many more, with all of them, obviously, made to last. 

Key Highlights

  • You can find almost any type of appliance or tool here, including backyard projects, building materials, area rugs, air quality, garden centre, ceiling fans, outdoor power, equipment, outdoor furniture, organization, accessories, plumbing, and more.
  • The prices are reasonable, and with deals and promotional offers available almost all the time, you only get to save more.
  • You get free shipping on eligible orders online for a cart value of $99 and more.

5. Rayners 


Rayners Building Supplies is another repeated title on the list, a leading specialist brand that supplies building materials for those building professionals and home handymen who value quality materials. 

At Rayners, it is known to deliver products and deals from only the best and leading brands for trade, including Hebel, Bostik, Dulux, Uni Pier, Soudal, Connolly, Flowcrete, Krystol Group, Aftek, Bostik, and more. 

Key Highlights

  • It is known as a leading supplier of Dulux and Hardie building items, providing you with all the building material needs, even if you are interested in only handyman projects. 
  • The prices are reasonable and good to suit an average man’s budget.
  • On its website, you can find advice and tips for your next project as well as for DIY work. 

6. Supercheap Auto

Supercheap Auto

Supercheap Auto is a retail company from Australia, an automotive parts retailer around since 1972, currently operating more than 300 stores across New Zealand and Australia.

Additionally, it is known as Australia’s main auto spares, accessories, and parts supplier, giving you access to a variety of products from its inventory, including air filters, coolants, car batteries, and much more. 

Key Highlights

  • You get to shop from a good list of categories, including accessories, batteries, electrical tools, storage, spare parts, fluids, filters, paint, panels, and more.
  • The pricing is suitable for an average man’s budget. 
  • If you’re shopping online, then you can take advantage of its star rating and review feature for every product before buying.
  • It offers seasonal and peak-day catalogues, including massive deals and promotional offers. 

7. Mitre 10 

Mitre 10

Mitre 10 is another good level from the Australian retail and trade hardware store chain, working a bit differently from the usual hardware retail stores. 

Here, it works according to a cooperative system, which includes store owners being members of the national group with each having equal right to vote. 

According to the analysis in 2018, it has more than 350 locations, offering products from some of the best brands at great and competitive prices. 

Key Highlights

  • You get to shop from some popular categories, including lawnmowers, pressure washers, BBQs, garage storage, sheds, and garden carts. 
  • The rates are quite reasonable and even better for your household at times. 
  • Shopping online will give you the advantage of checking star ratings and reviews for every product before buying. 

8. IKEA 


IKEA, without a doubt, is our personal favourite when it comes to affordable home furniture and improvement items. Like all the ones mentioned above, it offers a huge list of categories, and if you are interested in decent and minimal aesthetics, then you must give this brand a shot. 

At IKEA, you get to explore an assortment of materials from plastic to glass, and at times, you can also find great deals on wooden and premium-quality materials. 

Basically, it is a fair platform to help you create your dream space, whether you want it entirely simple or with a touch of vibrant stroke over white hues. 

Key Highlights

  • There are plenty of product categories to shop from, but the main list includes organization, furniture, textiles decoration, outdoor products, lighting, smart home, kitchen appliances, and many more.
  • The prices are usually low, but when it comes to the season and peak hours, the prices are unbeatable. 
  • For more ideas, you can navigate to the ideas and planning page on its site. 
  • To support a sustainable lifestyle, it also offers second-hand furniture for sale. 

Final Words

The internet is filled with multiple fair options for home improvement and related categories, catering for your needs for DIY as well as professional projects. 

Yet, the names mentioned in this article are not only better when it comes to affordable prices, but they are also capable of offering you almost everything you need in your project. As for the quality, they are all trusted brands, so it is more than average.

With this, we have reached the end of the article, have successfully presented the list of the main Bunnings competitors, and hope the article was helpful to you.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who are Bunnings' main competitors in Australia?

Rayners, Tradelink, Home Hardware, Stratco, Supercheap Auto, The Good Guys, Mitre 10, and IKEA are some of Bunning’s main competitors in Australia, offering a wide range of products to shop from at reasonable rates.

Are there any good stores like Bunnings?

Yes, there are plenty of good stores like Bunnings, and to name some of its main alternatives, they are — IKEA, Supercheap Auto, The Good Guys, Mitre 10, Rayners, Tradelink, and Stratco. 

Which are good companies like Bunnings?

IKEA, Rayners, The Good Guys, Tradelink, Mitre 10, Stratco, Supercheap Auto, and Home Hardware are some of the trusted and overall good companies like Bunnings to shop for a huge variety of home improvement products.