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6 Best Apps Like Zynn To Must Try Out![2024]

6 Best Apps Like Zynn To Must Try Out![2024]

Apps Like Zynn: Now as we talk about social media platforms, we observe that it comes with a vast variety of tools to promote everything in the digital aspect. Video formats are kind of detailed advertisements and promoting tools to attract an audience on a  large base. 

People find small videos more attractive because it saves time and it is crisp and short to know about something or promote something. Zynn app used to offer to earn rewards on creating and publishing short videos on their portal. 

Unfortunately, Zynn now is not available on any portal, and hence finding its best alternatives to earn rewards by creating videos is quite necessary. And for your ease, In this article, we are going to talk about the 6 best apps like Zynn to help you earn rewards from short videos and payment modes. 

The 6 best alternative apps like Zynn are Fetch Rewards, Ibotta, Zogo, PocketFlip, Viggle, and Swagbucks respectively. By the end of this article, you will get to know how much you can earn with these apps and their key features in short. 

Fetch Rewards

Apps Like Zynn

Fetch Reward is a great alternative to apps like zynn which pays you for your time using the application. It is a great app to use for payments and receipts collection to earn rewards on the same. 

The rewards system of Fetch Rewards is said to be in points which then convert into dollars for value. For example, it works as 1000 points valued at $1.

Key Features of Fetch Rewards 

  • Fetch  Rewards gives you rewards on signing up with them like Zynn. 
  • The app is open to download from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. 
  • Fetch Rewards also allows earning points for submitting receipts from Trader’s Joe and more retailers to look out for. 
  • You can also earn rewards on buying branded products from the Fetch Rewards App. 
  • Fetch Rewards also offers earnings if you use the GoodRx card from the Fetch app to buy prescriptions based on a pharmacist. 
  • Fetch Rewards also are eligible to accept all the online receipts to earn rewards. 

Earnings with Fetch Rewards

  • You will easily get 2000 points valued at $2 on signing up with their app. 
  • For every 1000 points, the value stands at $1. 
  • By using the GoodRx card, you will easily get 1500 points for each visit to the pharmacist. 
  • Users can earn more than 300 points on purchasing branded products from their portal. 
  • You can easily earn 25 points on each receipt you submit for grocery retailers, supermarkets, club stores, etc. 


Ibotta Apps Like Zynn

Ibotta is a shopping application that offers referral codes and rewards on every purchase from specific stores and retailers. It is a great option for apps like zynn to earn cashback if you use their portal to submit receipts and invest your time. 

You will easily earn rewards by just signing up and submitting a receipt to their portal. Ibotta also has reward winnings for daily use or login of the application which helps in earning real cashbacks. 

Key Features of Ibotta

  • Just like the Zynn app, Ibotta offers rewards for the successful signups made through the app. 
  • The application is easily available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free. 
  • Ibotta app offers three options to earn cashback such as- by signing up for a loyalty program for exclusive offers, finding an offer and redeeming them, or paying through the Ibotta app. 
  • The app offers daily earnings for daily use of the application. 
  • You can easily earn rewards for more than 300 retailers across the nation. 
  • They offer real cashback on purchases from Walmart, CVS, Target, and more. 
  • The cashback on the sites is real and you will directly get paid into your Paypal or Venmo account. 

Earnings with Ibotta 

  • You can earn at least $10 for signing up with Ibotta. 
  • You can earn up to $5 for every verified referral usage. 
  • You can easily earn $2 every time you open the app. 


Zogo Apps Like Zynn

Zogo is an app to earn rewards like Zynn but in a different format. Zogo offers rewards and cashback offers in the form of collecting pineapples through correct answers related to the finance department. 

It is a great app created to keep young adults and teens updated with finance and the world. You can easily learn about finance through flashcards and remember it. Then you can simply enter trivia and on giving correct answers earn pineapples as a reward. 

Key Features of Zogo

  • The app simply pays you for learning the financial aspects of the app. 
  • You can easily earn pineapples in the form of rewards for correct answers. 
  • On a successful collection of pineapples, then you can easily get offers and rewards by giving up on pineapples as payment. 
  • You can easily earn gift cards by earning more and more pineapples by using the app. 
  • The app is free to download and easily available on Google Play Store and Apple App store. 
  • The app has more than 300 modules to learn and get correct answers for pineapple earnings. 

Earnings with Zogo

  • The earnings with the Zogo app are in the form of earning pineapples as points. 
  • Trivia is the key to earning pineapples with correct answers given. 
  • You can easily redeem original cashback via giving up on pineapples. 


PocketFlip Apps Like Zynn

PocketFlip is an easy-to-use app that pays its users for the successful completion of the tasks given by PocketFlip. The tasks are kept very simple like installing a new app with them, or taking a survey, or just taking a picture and earning rewards on completion. 

On successful completion of tasks, you can simply earn gift cards as rewards for sites like Amazon and more. You also have an option to get cash on some points offered by PocketFlip. 

Key Features of PocketFlip

  • The offers and gift cards offered by PocketFlip are huge compared to other apps. 
  • The fighting cards offered by PocketFlip for the brands namely Amazon, iTunes, Steam, Xbox Live, Google Play, PlayStation, Nintendo eShop, Riot Points, GameStop, Spotify, etc. 
  • For cash out, you can easily get credited to your account within 48 hours. 
  • The app is free to download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 
  • But for some reason, Reddit users found the app useless and tasks worth less to complete, and hence try it from your point of view on the same. 

Earnings with PocketFlip

  • You can simply earn coins by completing tasks. 
  • On a successful bundle of coins, you can redeem gift cards for sites like Amazon and much more. 
  • Users can easily get 100 coins off as their first gift card on signups. 


Viggle Apps Like Zynn

Viggle is the best alternative to apps like zynn to earn rewards and cashback on watching videos while using the app. The app gives you cashback and rewards for watching your favorite TV programs with Viggle. 

The app not only gives rewards for watching tv programs but also for shopping online, referring friends, etc. The app is very popular for watching live Tv via mobile and has been downloaded by more than 9 million users. 

Key Features of Viggle 

  • The app is free to download and easily available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 
  • You can easily create a free account with Viggle and then simply start watching Tv or listening to music for earning with Viggle. 
  • You also have to be engaged with breaks and videos to obtain more perk points. 
  • You cannot be inactive for more than 90 days, because after 90 days of inactivity, you will simply lose all the points you have earned so far. 
  • You need to create a Perk account with Viggle to obtain and earn Viggle points. 
  • You can easily trade your perk points for headphones, Bluetooth, and laptops which are available at its perk store to make it yours. 
  • Viggle also offers to redeem gift card options by earning points. 

Earnings with Viggle 

  • The rewards are considered Viggle Points. 
  • The points will be given to you after opening a show or music album with Viggle App. 
  • Every month you will be eligible to earn 60,000 viggle points if you have managed to earn at least 1 perk point. 



Swagbucks is said to be the easiest alternative for apps like zynn to earn rewards and gift cards by completing surveys, surfing the web, watching videos, playing games, shopping online, etc. 

With Swagbucks you have multiple options to earn rewards with only a few minutes, Giftcards start from $1 and above and anyone 13 and older can play and earn rewards with Swagbucks. 

Key Features of Swagbucks

  • The website and app both are 100% free to download and use. 
  • Swagbucks also offers a PayPal cash-out option to cash out your earnings directly into your Paypal account. 
  • The tasks provided by Swagbucks are short and hardly take 10 mins to complete. 
  • The app also allows you to easily redeem $1 gift cards and more. 
  • For creating your account with Swagbucks you will only need a valid email address or Facebook account. 

Earnings with Swagbucks

  • For getting earnings in cash, a Paypal account is just. 
  • You can simply earn points and gift cards by completing tasks. 
  • For some tasks on successful completion, you will get a chance to earn 4000 Swagbucks points worth $40. 


Hence, here we come to an end with the article on the best apps like Zynn namely Swagbucks, Viggle, Fetch Rewards, Zogo, PocketFlip, and Ibotta. You can simply check here how much you can earn with them and their key features in detail. 


Which are the best apps like Zynn?

The best apps like Zynn namely are-
Fetch rewards
Swagbucks and much more.