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8 Interesting Apps Like Wishbone You’ll Love! [2024]

8 Interesting Apps Like Wishbone You’ll Love! [2024]

Apps Like Wishbone – Wishbone lets you compare things with the community of people around you. It covers everything from celebrities, movies, fashion, movies, and much more.

Wishbone makes it more interesting by allowing you to get a series of 14 culture-based questions with two choices twice a day. You just have to choose a side and see how your friends have voted after. 

It features an easy to use interface which permits you to make your own questions and assists in making communication with people across the world. 

Although it is a great app, there are some drawbacks like there are a lot of ads, too much violence, and adult content is very easy to find. Therefore, people are looking for alternatives. 

So, if you are wondering, are there any apps like Wishbone? Look no further, in this article, we’ll show you comparing apps like Wishbone which you can use. 

Apps Like Wishbone 

Here is the list of the comparing apps like Wishbone.


Apps Like Wishbone

Are you a fan of anime? Video games? Series? K-pop? Whatever you are passionate about, this app like Wishbone has a community that’s perfect for you. On Amino, explore your interests, tell your story, and find people that share the same interests as yours. 

Its communities provide a safe space that hustle with thousands of super fans just like you. Join the communities to explore long-form posts, in-depth live streams, analysis, polls, reviews, photos, commentary, recommendations, journeys, quizzes, and anything else you can think of. 

Moreover, signing up is quite easy and it only takes a few minutes to get started. So, install the app and get started with Amino by creating your own blogs, polls, and more!

Key Features

  • Chat with people like you across the world 
  • Custom design features including theme, logo, background image, and more 
  • Connect to 100 different communities where you can make and view content from fans for fans 
  • Create your own live streams, blogs, quizzes, polls, and many more
  • Share stickers, send voice notes, or start a voice call 
  • Personalize your profile for every community you join and add a bio
  • Share your art like fanart, fanfics, cosplay, and more 
  • Participate in all the cool activities and challenges organized by your community members or simply conduct your own contests 
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AorB Apps Like Wishbone

AorB is another app like Wishbone where you can compare anything, vote, and follow anything your heart wants. You can compare and vote on a wide range of topics like travel, celebrities, music, food, fashion, news, humor, and many more. 

Simply post a poll to the world and find out what people think in real-time. You can also share it with your friends to get their opinion. 

Key Features

  • Discover your favorite hashtags to find the polls you like 
  • Find out what’s trending and vote directly on the app
  • See what your friends and popular celebrities are comparing 
  • Export polls directly to Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and more 
  • Add your own Would you Rather and see how everyone reacts in real time


WeVerse Apps Like Wishbone

WeVerse is a Korean mobile app and web service that offers real-time conversation with people that share the same interests as yours. Enjoy a wide range of content covering official artist content to WeVerse-exclusive content. 

You can check out daily moments shared by artists and leave your comments and support. And if you don’t understand the posts and comments by other fans, just use the translation feature to communicate with fans around the world. 

It was mainly developed to provide a place where K-pop artists can interact with fans on a deeper level. These artists include Tomorrow X Together, Blackpink, BTS, Purple Kiss, New Hope Club, Weekly, Le Sserafim, Hwang Min Hyun, Secret Number, Jeremy Zucker, Seventeen, P1 Harmony, and many more. 

Key Features

  • Enjoy a wide range of content on Weverse
  • Check out daily moments shared by artists
  • It provides a variety of free and subscription content including entertainment and educational videos 
  • Watch the real-time live broadcast of our favorite artists 
  • Use the translation feature to communicate with fans across the globe
  • Enjoy exclusive content only available for official membership holders
  • Interact through Live Chatting and send your support with ‘Like’ 
  • It specializes in hosting multimedia content and artist-to-fan communications for musicians 


MeetUp Apps Like Wishbone

With MeetUp, explore the things you love to do and people to do it with both in person as well as online. Just join a community and meet others who have the same interests as yours. 

For over twenty years, MeetUp has been helping people to make friends, meet people, explore their interests, find support, and grow a business. There are a ton of events happening on about any topic you can think of, including yoga and hiking to online gaming. 

Besides, you can easily start a group, host your events online, personalize and schedule events, manage your group, share photos, use discussions and messaging to connect with people, and watch your community grow. 

Key Features

  • Get matched with over 330,000 groups based on your interests
  • Easily customize and plan events on-the-fly, and manage your group from anywhere
  • Discover all different kinds of events that’ll help you maintain a fun and satisfying social life
  • Save events you’re interested in and revisit them later
  • Get involved in discussions and use direct messaging to stay in touch with the people 
  • Discover events by category, search by keyword, or see what’s popular in your area
  • Access custom branding tools that make your community stand out to members
  • Host multi-group events, send cross-group messages, and get insights to find the trends that drive engagement


Honk Apps Like Wishbone

Honk is a service that provides the best way to chat with friends in real-time, with messages showing live as you type. You can view all the typos, emotions, and awkward pauses that you’d normally miss. 

And you can use the Honk button to get someone’s attention when they are not present in the chat. So remember that every Honk sends a push notification with an amazing little sound – you can think of it as waving to someone or like a poke. 

Key Features

  • See what your friends are typing in real-time: backtracks, typos, and all.
  • If you clear your message bubble on Honk, you’re deleting the only copy of the message forever
  • Tap the Reaction icon to send a burst of any Emoji to your friend
  • If you clear a message when your friend is not online, they’ll never know what it was 
  • Active badge let you know that your friend is online 
  • Tap the Photo icon to take a pic or the Image icon to choose from your Camera Roll and share away


Pollie Apps Like Wishbone

Pollie is one of the best apps like Wishbone that let you create a poll and share it with your audience. All you need to do is to describe a poll, allow single or multiple votes, upload images, set a closing date, and select what your user can see. 

You can share your polls through WeChat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Mail, and many more. Basically, it works on every platform as it’s just a simple text. Then, users can vote by clicking on the link of the poll and choosing an answer. 

Besides, you can set a limit to your polls by protecting your poll with a password or providing a list of email addresses that have access and allowing access to all email addresses from a certain domain. 

Key Features

  • Limit how many times voters can vote
  • Ask the voter’s name or email or just keep it anonymous 
  • Add images, set a voting deadline, and choose a time and date for your answers  
  • Ability to vote directly on an answer by opening its exclusive link
  • Verify the voter’s email address with a confirmation code
  • Use your own branding and redirect the voter to your website after voting 

Icon Pop Quiz

Icon Pop Quiz

Icon pop quiz is the only service that is dedicated to pop culture fans. It tests your knowledge about pop culture references – from hit movies and TV shows using imaginative, hand-drawn visual clues, famous characters, and more. 

What makes it more interesting is that you can compete against friends and a worldwide community that have similar interests like yours. 

There are over thousands of stunning icons. They hand-drawn the visual clue icons gradually and regularly create new and original icons for the list. The only downside is that it is not available for Android users.

Key Features

  • It has over 400 different little icons that you have to guess just what they are
  • You have two different quiz categories to pick from – TV & Movie and the Character quiz 
  • You can obtain coins by playing the game, and use them to help you
  • Themes include fictional characters, Christmas items, movie names, and famous people
  • You can also ask a friend on Facebook or Twitter
  • It ignores minor spelling mistakes and identifies alternate or nicknames


HICH Apps Like Wishbone

Lastly, we have HICH on our list of the best apps like Wishbone, which let you create polls, compare images, give and receive opinions, and socialize with the HICH community. 

All you have to do is just upload an image of what you want to compare and simply post it on HICH stream, and watch the votes roll in. You’ll also get information on the gender, age, and location of the people who voted on your post.

 So, it gives you unlimited and exclusive access to other people’s opinions. Whether you are not able to choose which picture to post or which outfit to wear, for whatever reason you need help deciding, HICH has got your back!

Key Features

  • Unlike traditional polling, it makes opinions and insights fun, fast, free and available to absolutely everyone
  • Thousands of users voluntarily share their opinions in our online community
  • Users can create text, image, or video posts that our community of Gen Z and Millennial registered users 
  • Content ranges from politics to beauty and everything in between


So that’s everything about apps like Wishbone. All the apps mentioned in this article allow you to get information about the world around you.

Nonetheless, note that every app has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, the above article has helped you solve your queries and helped you find the best Wishbone alternative.