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5 Adventure Apps like Randonautica You’ll Love! [2024]

5 Adventure Apps like Randonautica You’ll Love! [2024]

Apps like Randonautica: Are you an open explorer? Have you moved to a new neighborhood and do not know anything about it yet? The main question is, do you wish to explore more about the local area are you staying in? If that is the case, you must look for more apps like Randonautica.

About Randonautica

Randonautica is an explorer application launched in fab 2020. The specialty of this app is that it randomly generates coordinates with the help of the user's current location. It helps them explore the local area and jots down the report on their new findings.

Randonautica sounds like the ultimate app you would need for exploration. But, if things are not working out with Randonautica, then you can look for other apps like Randonautica.

Do you want to know which are the best apps like Randonautica available on Google Play and App Store? If yes, then we are happy to inform you that the below article consists of the list of best apps like Randonautica. 


Apps like Randonautica

Geocaching is the official app that helps you find the nearest hidden Geocaches. There are about 3 million Geocaches hidden across the world. Geocaches can be created by humans and shared by general people like you.

By installing the app and switching it on, you will be joining the community of some creative explorers from different parts of the world who anticipate finding Geocaches. Join the community and it will guide you perfectly to find your first cache online.

Geocaching is one of the best apps like Randonautica because it is a user-friendly app and you can start finding caches as soon as you install the app. 

The catch is, while finding a geocache, you might end up finding a hidden or special location in your surroundings that you have never come across till now. 

The Geocaching app gives you the perfect experience of adventure without needing a hill station or foreign area from cities, in the woods. It has received pretty good feedback from the customers on the Google play store and App Store.


  • The app can be downloaded by teens and everyone above the age.
  • The application is available for Apple as well as Android cell phone users.
  • The application is free to install. However, if you want to make your experience enhanced then you can upgrade your account with the help of subscription plans available in the app.
  • You have different options for payments for your premium membership subscription and one among them is directly through your Google play account.

Star Walk 2

Star Walk 2 Apps like Randonautica

Star walk 2: Night Sky Map, commonly known as Star walk 2 is an app to identify stars in the night sky. It gives you a perfect astronomy guide to help you explore the night sky. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the best apps like Randonautica.

Along with that, it can also help you identify stars, planets, satellites, consolations, comets, ISS, asteroids, Hubble space telescope and a few other celestial bodies. You will be exploring the complete area of the sky above your head at night or day with the help of this app.

This app helps learn a good set of astronomical events. You can know and learn the positions of stars and constellations in the night sky. You can know the positions of solar system bodies like the sun, the moon, dwarf planets, comets, asteroids, and general solar system planets.

You can go deep into deep space objects like star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. Learn about satellites overhead and other interesting terms like conjunctions, full or new moon, meteor showers, and more.

It has received good feedback from the users on both the App Store and Google play store. It acquired a good 4.6 out of 5 rating with over 65,000 reviews on the App Store. For the Google play store, it received a good 4.5 out of 5 rating with over 410,000 votes.


  • It is available for both Apple and Android device users.
  • It is free to install and use for all the users on both App Store and in the Google play store.
  • The app is user-friendly and all you have to do is to point the device across the night sky. You can navigate the star on the screen by swiping in the desired direction.
  • You get to learn about general as well as deep and interesting terms like spacecraft, stars, asteroids, met your showers, nebulous, and more.
  • If you are going to install it through the Google play store, you can as well view the trailer on this App Store before installing it.


SpecTrek Apps like Randonautica

SpecTrek is an android application which allows you to experience the revolutionary augmented reality in ghost hunting. It is like a game where you walk and run around in your local area with the help of your GPS. 

With the help of your cell phones or device camera, you will search and catch virtual ghosts. The game will start as soon as you install it and switch it on. The only mean permission you have to allow is to let it know your location.

Along with unlimited fun and excitement, the game offers multiple awards, titles, statistics for your travels and records for whichever mission you have completed so far. While you keep playing this game, you get to higher levels and experience more about your locality.

If you have always been interested in finding ghosts and superstitious things around you, then this application is the ultimate and best-suited app for you. Whenever you feel bored or get motivated to find something similar, switch on this app and get started right away.

It has received a good response from the players at the Google Play store even when it is not that famous. It is available on the app for only $2.49 without any in-app purchases. Pay for once in the start and get all the benefits from the app for free for a lifetime.


  • It can be installed by everyone, all age groups can participate together in this app.
  • If you are going to install this app through the Google play store, you can also view the trailer before installing it.


Ramblr app

Ramblr helps you get your adventure and your new part of the story. It is a user-friendly app, loved and trusted by thousands and thousands of people from across the world. Indeed, it is one of the best apps like Randonautica.

As your outdoor adventures need more than just a simple blog entry and status update, installing this GPS application will not only help you explore the surroundings but will also give you an accurate map and GPS.

With this app, you can capture the highlights of your hiking or exploring trip. Track the route on the map and look back in time to the history where you have been and what you have experienced.

The built-in GPS in the app is not only accurate and on point but is the best work and gives you directions and routes. The system allows you to download public trips from the apps server to use in real-time guidance in the journey.

If you do not know the name of the place, you can get the photos or videos from your family or friends and with their help, search for the name of the place through this app.

The app has received good feedback from the users on both the Google play store and the App Store. It received 4.6 out of 5 ratings overall in both the app stores.


  • The application can be downloaded by everyone and all age groups.
  • You only have to allow one permission to the app after installation, that is for GPS to track your current location.

Ingress Prime

Apps like Randonautica

Ingress Prime is an augmented reality game for android and iOS device users. It is a world of Ingress Prime Agent. It claims that the fate of this universe along with other universes depends on you. The game is filled with similar kinds of terms and sources.

The game includes a story where a spark has converted a struggle between two sides. The cutting Edge exam technologies have transformed the Ingress scanner which now awaits you, the player, to join the battle and win alongside them.

To put everything in simple words, it is a game with a plot where in reality you will be exploring the surroundings whereas, in the game, you will be fighting the battles alongside your companions. It is one of the best Randonautica alternatives.

The app has received average feedback from the users on the Google play store whereas, on the App Store, it received a good response. It had 3.6 out of 5 rating with over 400,000 votes on the Google play store and 4.3 with over 2000 reviews on the app store.


  • It is available for free installation on both the Google play store and App Store.
  • Before installing the app, if you are going to download it from the Google play store then you can view the trailer before going ahead.
  • The app can be downloaded by everyone and all age groups.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to explore the surrounding, the local area where you stay. One of the most exciting ways to do this is through gaming or exploring apps. 

The above-mentioned list contains games and genuine exploring apps for both iOS and Android device users. They all are user-friendly and contain guides to help you as a new user.

Most of them operate free of charge and do not ask you to pay at any point in your journey with the app. They help you search for places you have never visited before and things that may excite you.

To conclude, if you are an open explorer who would like to explore nature, especially the surroundings near their houses, then using the gaming and exploring mobile apps like Randonautica from the above context can help you just right.

Frequently asked Questions 

What’s the app that takes you to a random place?

If you want to search for apps or gaming apps that can help you explore your local area, there are plenty of those available. The List precisely includes Randonautica, Ingress Prime, Ramblr, SpecTrek, Star Walk 2 and Geocaching.

Is the Randonautica app free?

Yes, the Randonautica app is free to install and use. Although It comes with certain purchases, if you wish to stay a free membership user for the rest of your life, the application will gladly accept you. The premium subscription plans are for only those people who would like to upgrade their profiles for a better experience.