App Academy Review: Is it worthy? [2022]

Looking for App Academy review? Want to know which courses it offers, its schedule and how much it costs? If you are looking for solutions to these questions, you’re at the right place. In this article, I’ll show you everything you want to know about App Academy.

App Academy is a New York and San Francisco-based coding bootcamp that offers immersive web development course both in-person in campus and online. It places importance on career training to assist students get jobs soon after the completion of their graduation.

App Academy Review: Begin!

App Academy states their program as having a “job guaranteed” supporting model where payment is delayed until after the completion of the course.


Applicants of App Academy don’t require to have prior coding knowledge or experience. However, they are likely to complete preliminary work before the official course starts. Also, during the admission process, students are needed to finish basic level coding work to demonstrate their programming potential.

The program covers full stack web development and mainly concentrates on JavaScript, Redux, JQuery, Ruby on Rails, React, Flux and SQL. Scholars are also supposed to take weekly assessments up until the project part of the course starts. Those who fails more than one assessment are terminated from the course.

Its “16-week” curriculum is divided into three sections with over five-hundred hours of official instructional period.

  • Weeks 1-7: Introductory level programming concepts, including Rails, Ruby, and SQL.
  • Weeks 8-11: React, Flux, JavaScript, Redux and much more.
  • Week 12-16: Advanced algorithms, full stack projects and job search. Scholars are also supposed to work on their projects for another two weeks after the graduation. This sums up the total obligation span to around 18-weeks.


App Academy is an excellent way to become a software engineer. The courses are personalized for scholars who are interested in technology and invention as well as enthusiastic about learning programming skills.

You have to submit an online application and pass an interview, and two coding tests to sign up for App Academy. Here are some courses you can sign up if you have been admitted.

App Academy Open

  • It is completely free of cost.
  • It offers students with free access to the App Academy’s full-stack curriculum, with all the course material and community features like chat to keep you associated with several potential creators across the world.
  • You’ll get over 1,500 hours of material (videos, readings, and projects) and an interactive coding environment.

Bootcamp Prep

  • It costs $2,999.
  • At App Academy, instructors will give you one-one-one mock interview, and assist you prepare for admission into particular Bootcamps.
  • It is a four-week part-time program in which you will study JavaScript from the basic level to advanced level.
  • This program is also available online.

In-person Full-Stack Web Development

  • It costs $17,00, and the class is just 60.
  • It is a 16-week course.
  • It is the best way to quickly develop your skills in computer science.
  • You will make projects using HTML, JavaScript, React/Redux, CSS, and Ruby on Rails.
  • For this, prior programming isn’t required, nevertheless you’ll require lots of passion for developing cool stuff.

Online Full Stack Web Development

  • It costs $20,000
  • It is a 24-week program where you’ll learn all the knowledge required to start a vocation as a web developer.
  • They’ll train you to make web applications with Ruby on Rails, SQL, JavaScript, React/Redux and HTML/CSS.

App Academy Schedule

Its schedule was created to make it simply for students from all backgrounds to learn coding.


App Academy open and Bootcamp Prep are the two part-time courses at the App Academy.


It is an immersive coding course. It lasts for 10 weeks, and you are supposed to attend forty hours’ worth of classes in order to complete the graduation.


App Academy provides all of its courses to students across the world via online. It particularly considered online option essential due to its focus on increasing representation in tech for minorities and women.

Final verdict

Are you thinking is App Academy right for you? Well, App Academy is a popular coding academy with a status for offering quality education. However, it has a low acceptance rate due to its late tuition payment procedure.

So, I hope the above article on App Academy review has helped you to know everything about App Academy.


How much does App Academy costs?

App Academy open is completely free, Bootcamp Prep costs 2,000, In-person Full-Stack Web Development costs $17,000 for 16-week course and Online Full Stack Web Development costs $20,000 for 24-week program.

How long does App Academy take?

It lasts for 10 weeks, and you are supposed to attend forty hours’ worth of classes in order to complete the graduation.

Does App Academy guarantee a job?

App Academy states their program as having a “job guaranteed” supporting model where payment is delayed until after the completion of the course.

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