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AlignUS App Review: Pros-Cons, Legit? [2024]

AlignUS App Review: Pros-Cons, Legit? [2024]

AlignUS App Review: Not all the time, but there may be that one day in your life when you visited a brand shop or a restaurant, in general — a business, and you loved how creative they were in what they were doing. 

But, if you’re not exactly one to talk about which restaurant you visited recently and so on, then how will you rate it based on your experience? How are you doing to find more such places in your area? 

Don’t worry, because, for the same, we have some helpful business apps to take in your experience and show it to the world, like the AlignUS App.

However, how does the AlignUS app work? If you don’t know what it is but you still want to spend money on only ‘woke’ businesses – then our AlignUS App Review mentioned right below is here to give you all the details you need to start rating businesses of your choice.

What is an AlignUS App?

The AlignUS app is here to allow every individual to rate all types of businesses according to their ideal values and priorities. 

The app is designed to help you with another data point, which can act as a base for business choices and selection of only those businesses that align with their values. 

In simple words, this app will give you a voice to let others know about those special companies and businesses that actually deserve attention. 

AlignUS App Review

How Does it Work?

The working of the app is a little bit complicated, where you’ll be allowed to independently review the US’s corporate social and political affiliations and values. 

Moving ahead with the rating system, if you have used the app or at least had a look at its rating system, then you can rate the business in 5 options, starting from progressive, then liberal, neutral, moderately conservative, and ending at conservative. 

Moreover, this rating system helps you to rate, review, and shop at the best companies that understand your values. 

Along with that, it doesn’t matter what your political and social preference is, because the information from this platform will act as a guide to shopping with companies that prioritize your priorities.

Key Highlights

Powerful Metric Meter — The metric meter of this platform is created from some unique quantitative and qualitative data sets including 7 key arrows. Furthermore, these arrows together are useful to understand how every company affects the social and political economy of the US.

Main Goal The app’s main goal is to motivate all the listed companies in the dataset to focus more on offering their services and products at fair prices, rather than prioritizing their own values and agendas.

Top 5 Metric Titles — The top 5 metric titles that tell the influence of a company on political and social welfare are: virtue signaling, personal freedom, political action and donation, freedom rating, and public safety. 


  • You can search for businesses in popular and almost every place in the US, like San Diego, Los Angeles, St. Petersburg, San Francisco, and more. 
  • The database of the app can improve as more users add more companies.
  • You get to add images and videos of your experiences while trying the services of the business. 


  • Several users have complained about too many ads and distractions, even when the app is switched off.
  • The user interface of the app can be a lot better and in its current state, as of July 2024, it’s not user-friendly.

Is AlignUS Legit?

Yes, the AlignUS app is 100% legit, and just like the description says, it guides you to invest in only those businesses that have a powerful and trusted influence over the social and political economy of the US. 

Additionally, its metric system and review rating systems work skilfully to help you read the business, whose services you have already witnessed, while you can also add companies of your choice to its database. 

In conclusion, the AlignUS app, with a not-so-user-friendly interface, may not be your very first choice, but since it works hard to help you with your spending and supporting eligible businesses, we suggest you give it a try for your understanding, and you can always move on to another if it didn’t work out. 

With this, we have successfully presented the AlignUS app review, and hope you can now understand how it works and if it’s worth it or not.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the AlignUS app legit?

Yes, the US app is legit and a real platform that actually helps you in understanding which business and company in different areas of the US deserve your attention and investment.