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What Happened to Soothouse? [2024]

What Happened to Soothouse? [2024]

What Happened to Soothouse: Soothouse, a comedy YouTube channel founded in 2017, gained popularity for its hilarious takes on internet content, often involving reading and reacting to various online posts.

However, many users are a bit confused about Did Soothouse officially ended. If that's the case, why did Soothouse go on Hiatus?

In this article, we'll explore the intriguing what happened to Soothouse, why it went on hiatus, and whether there's hope for its return.

What is Soothouse?

Soothouse was a collaborative YouTube channel where the members entertained audiences by sharing their humorous perspectives on internet content. From Reddit posts to greentext stories and YouTube videos, they brought a unique comedic flair to the platform.

What Happened to Soothouse?

In July 2019, something unexpected happened to the popular YouTube channel, Soothouse. The group behind it, including Wilbur Soot, announced that they were taking a break, or as they called it, an “indefinite hiatus.” This basically meant they wouldn't be making any more videos for a while.

To make it official, they even shut down their Patreon support page on October 6, 2019. Fast forward to today, the Soothouse channel still exists on YouTube, but it's been quiet since 2019. There haven't been any new videos, and it's uncertain if or when they might come back.

While it's possible that Soothouse could return someday, there's no promise of it happening. The members of the channel haven't shared any public updates about their future plans. So, for now, it's a bit of a mystery whether we'll see more content from them in the future.

What Happened to Soothouse

Why Did Soothouse Go on Hiatus?

Back in July 2019, the Soothouse gang decided to take a break, and they had a few reasons for it. First, they were feeling burntout, like they needed a break from making videos. Second, they mentioned having some differences in what they wanted to create. Lastly, they wanted to try out other things and explore new projects.

Since then, some of the members have moved on to new adventures. Wilbur Soot became a successful musician and Twitch streamer. Thomas Ridgewell kept making YouTube videos. As for Alex Ramsden and Harry Lewis, they ventured into different careers.

Basically, after making funny videos together for almost three years, they took a break because there were lots of other funny YouTubers out there, and they wanted to try new stuff. Their Patreon closed, and they haven't posted a video since August 2019. They've kind of gone their separate ways for now.