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Is Dasher Direct Worth It? [Reviewed 2024]

Is Dasher Direct Worth It? [Reviewed 2024]

Is Dasher Direct Worth It?: Are you a DoorDash Dasher Direct complaining about the time the company takes to pay you? If yes, then, in search of the solution, you might have come across the popular Dasher Direct app and card.

According to the rumors and talks about the debit card, it seems to be an excellent way to get paid sooner than the usual time — while it also offers ways to save money regularly.

Overall, the majority of the users are talking good about the app, but, in reality, Is Dasher Direct Worth It? Is it actually worth it for you? To know the answers to these questions, continue reading the article below which contains an unbiased Dasher Direct review.

What is Dasher Direct?

Dasher Direct is a prepaid debit and mobile banking app – only for US-based Dasher Directs. It gives you a no-fee payout and you can opt for a payout after every dash.

Along with the same, you are guaranteed to receive cashback on multiple expenses, like travel, dining, etc. 

In addition to that, this prepaid debit card is a Payfare-powered mobile banking app that can be easily used as a normal banking app to carry out basic tasks. 

Is Dasher Direct Worth It

How Does Dasher Direct Work?

The working of a Dasher Direct card is easy. It lets you get early daily earnings while its app is a useful tool to access basic banking services, including checking your balance, transferring money with no minimum balance limit, etc. 

But, if you think that after opting for a payout, you will receive the money right away or in a couple of hours, then that’s not the case. The system takes around 24 to 48 hours to transfer the money to your account, which means — you will be seeing your money soon, but not right away. 

Benefits of Dasher Direct


No lies, the cashback benefit of Dasher Direct is our personal favorite because you are often guaranteed to receive cashback up to 10% on most of the regular expenses such as groceries, gas dining, and more. 

Early Pay

The early payout benefit is literally the main highlight of the Dasher Direct card. 

In simple words, since DoorDash takes its sweet time to pay you for all the successful deliveries, in case you want to earn after every successful dash or just earlier than usual, then you can use this card and app to do so — and the money will appear in your account within a span of 1 to 2 days. 

Basic Functions

Since the app can be used for basic mobile banking functions, you can smoothly use it to transfer money and keep it for specific purchases only – like you do with any other account of yours. 


Bad Server Services

According to the majority of the negative reviews about Dasher Direct, it seems that the app goes down frequently and its servers often face service outages – making it impossible for DoorDash workers to access money when the servers are down. 

Poor Customer Support

Many users have clearly stated their poor experience with Dasher Direct customer support. They seem to be having long hold timings, and for the majority of the users – they were left with no proper solution or guidance 

Is Dasher Direct Worth It?

For starters, according to the reviews we read on the internet, Google Play Store, and App Store, the Dasher Direct app has an almost-perfect rating with millions downloaded. It seems to be working smoothly and it actually pays – is safe too and you’ll see your money earlier than the usual time.

However, there are proper benefits and disadvantages for the card and app, and the fact that the servers go down quite often makes it super hard for workers to transfer or use the money until the servers are fully up and running. 

Yet, we will suggest you think twice and thrice, discuss around, and take your time in making the decision — if you want to trust the Dasher Direct services or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Dasher Direct worth getting?

Yes, according to the majority of the users using Dasher Direct, it is an extremely helpful debit card and will help you save big time on gas. 

Do you get money instantly with Dasher Direct?

Not instantly, but if you have opted for a payout, then it will likely arrive in your prepaid account within a day or two after confirmation. Similarly, tips are also added to your card within only 24 hours after a customer transfers a tip.