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Is BHPhotoVideo Legit? [Reviewed 2024]

Is BHPhotoVideo Legit? [Reviewed 2024]

Is BHPhotoVideo Legit?: BHPhotoVideo, actually known as B&H Photo Video, is a good photo and video items retailer in the US – offering services through in-store shopping, in-store pickup, and online. At B&H Photo Video, you can shop for diversified cameras, computers, photography equipment, etc. 

Overall, the B&H Photo Video site and app seem to be a good option to shop for branded equipment, but, since the retailer is not so famous, you might be wondering if it’s safe to shop from them – especially if you are opting for online shopping.

So, Is BHPhotoVideo Legit? Is it safe to shop from B&H Photo Video? If you are interested in knowing about the brand’s legitimacy,  then continue reading this article because it contains the exact answer you’re looking for.

Is BHPhotoVideo Legit?

Yes, the B&H Photo Video brand is 100% legit and safe to shop from. 

It might not be as famous as other retailers offering branded equipment, but it delivers a good variety of printers, home theater, computers, and related equipment – from worldwide famous brands like Olympus, Sony, Apple, etc. 

Along with that, the brand has been doing business in the same field since 1973 – offering affordable products with additional discounts.

BHPhotoVideo Refund and Returns Policy

For the majority of the products, the brand offers a 30-day return policy with a time limit starting from the date of delivery. You can decide to return the parcel through shipping or return it in person. 

Of course, you’ll have to first meet all the eligibility conditions before opting for a return, like — opened or unwrapped tapes and books will not be returned, any customized equipment like computers will not be returned, electronic software downloads will not be returned, etc. 

Additionally, the mail-in exchanges will need 3 to 5 business days to process, and the brand will take responsibility for defective and damaged items. 

As for the refund and credit — it’ll take 5 to 7 days for the refund to be transferred into your account.

Final Words 

As already mentioned above, the B&H Photo Video brand is safe and secure to shop from, and has a good rating as a retailer offering a variety of electronics. 

With this, we have given you a clear answer to ‘Is BHPhotoVideo Legit?’ question, and hope the article was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is BHPhotoVideo a legit website?

Yes, BHPhotoVideo is a legit website, where you can easily shop for a good variety of electronic equipment like cameras, printers, home theater, computers, etc. 

Is BHPhotoVideo reliable?

Yes, BHPhotoVideo is reliable for shopping for electronics, such as photo accessories, camcorders, mobiles, computers, TVs, etc. 

Is BHPhotoVideo real?

Yes, BHPhotoVideo is real and 100% safe to shop from. It’s been in this business for about 50 years, providing branded products with multiple promotional offers.

Is BHPhotoVideo fake?

No, BHPhotoVideo is not fake. It is a safe and secure website – a retailer that offers a good assortment of electronics through its store in New York, website, and app.