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How to Update LG Smart TV [Complete Guide]

How to Update LG Smart TV [Complete Guide]

Are you wondering a step by step guide on How to update LG Smart TV? In this article, we have explained the complete procedure to update your LG Smart TV with short step by step guide.

LG TV often releases many updates to fix bugs, improve the current features and for adding the new apps.

Therefore, if you are facing any issues on your LG Smart TV, it may happen due to the outdated version of the LG Smart TV.

How to Update LG Smart TV [Step by Step Guide]

To update your LG Smart TV, follow the next step by step guide.

  • Go to Settings menu – Press Settings button with cog icon on your remote to open quick settings.
  • On the left corner side, select All settings.
  • Open Support tab – Select Support at the left bottom corner.
  • Select Software update – Select the Software update option from the listed options.
  • It will open the short menu, you can select manually or automatic update as per your choice.
  • Select Automatic update – If you are using a Wi-Fi with high speed internet, choose Automatic update option. To choose an automatic update option, select “Allow Automatic Updates”.
  • If you have limited internet or not enough speed, you should turn off the automatic updates. Therefore, you have to manually check for the update on your LG Smart TV.
  • If you have selected manually update option, you should monthly check for the update.

If you are facing any difficulties while during LG Smart TV updating, comment it in the comment section below, we will try to find a solution of your issue as soon as.


How to update LG Smart TV apps?

Follow the below step by step instructions to update Apps on your LG Smart TV:

  • Open the LG Content store.
  • Click on Apps.
  • Select All, go to my Apps.
  • Click on the App which you want to update.
  • Click on update option.

You can easily update any app with above steps on your LG Smart TV.

How do I check latest version of the LG Smart TV software?

You can visit LG Smart TV official page to know about the latest version of the LG Smart TV software. After that, you can manually update your Smart TV software using above described method.

Can I add apps to LG Smart TV?

Yes, if your LG Smart TV is connected with the internet connection, you can easily update apps on your LG Smart TV.