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Does Temu Ship to Nigeria? Yes or No! [2024]

Does Temu Ship to Nigeria? Yes or No! [2024]

Does Temu Ship to Nigeria?: Yes, Temu is the same online marketplace from China that has acquired a well-known title in the US market for its extremely low prices, huge range of collections, and good quality products. 

With more such amazing deals and features – Temu is not only famous across the US, but the majority of the other countries are also interested in its services and products – one of them being Nigeria.

Like others, Nigerians are also interested to know what kind of products they can find at Temu and whether the prices are really that cheap. However, before moving on to that – ‘does Temu ship to Nigeria?’ is the main question among Nigerians. 

Therefore, to get you going with your investigation with Temu – we are here with the accurate answer to the ‘does Temu ship to Nigeria?’, mentioned right below in this article.

Does Temu Ship to Nigeria?

No, unfortunately, Temu has only been interested in serving the US market since its debut. Apart from the US, Temu doesn’t ship to any other country in the world – including its origin country, China.

Temu Alternatives in Nigeria


Who doesn’t know Amazon? it’s not only famous in Europe or Asia – but is a well-known multinational online marketplace, serving almost all countries across the globe.

Amazon is mentioned in this list because, not only does it offer you a huge variety of categories like Temu, but the prices are also comparatively less and quality is satisfactory most of the time.


AliExpress, on the other hand, doesn’t necessarily entertain one order quantity all the time since it is a popular platform for dropshipping and other related services.

However, it’s mentioned in this list because there are many items you can still find with the lowest order quantity and while the prices are the lowest you can find in the market – the quality is satisfactory too. 

Final Words

Does Temu ship to Nigeria? To everyone's bad luck, unless you are an American, Temu doesn’t ship to any other country except the USA, even excluding its own nation, China.

Therefore, we suggest you try some of the Temu alternatives in Nigeria mentioned above – or you can always wait till Temu decides to ship to other countries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Temu ship to Nigeria?

No, unfortunately, Temu can’t ship to Nigeria because it is bound to offer its services only to US citizens as of May 2024.