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15 Top Apps like Ablo & Ablo Alternatives [2024]

15 Top Apps like Ablo & Ablo Alternatives [2024]

Apps like Ablo: Ablo is a social media app that allows you to make new friends from all over the world with the help of live online chat, and share photos, or videos. Additionally, Ablo makes it possible for you to live anywhere, at any time, without disturbance.

But if you got bored with Ablo and are looking for alternatives, you are in the right place! We have given a list of the best apps like Ablo that you can use.

We have several apps like Ablo that let you find and meet people with similar interests and socialize. So, to find out which one is the most effective Ablo alternative read the article below.

List of Apps like Ablo

1. Azar

Azar Apps like Ablo

Azar is a video chat application that instantly connects you with millions of people locally and globally. It's intended to establish connections between users who may be a good match.

It allows you to either chat or video call your new friends. And you will be able to communicate with other people more effectively. Through its user-friendly swipe-to-select interface, it makes it simple to communicate with other users.

Key Highlights

  • You never know who you might meet.
  • It allows free voice and video calls.
  • There are numerous chat rooms and live sessions available.
  • You can use gender and regional filters to talk to the people you want to connect with.

2. Omegle


Omegle is a fantastic platform for making new friends. When using Omegle, a random partner is assigned to you so you can have one-to-one conversations. You have the option of adding your hobbies, and a random match will be made between you and someone who shares some of your interests.

Unlike Facebook Messenger, you cannot see who you are speaking to or request an invitation to chat. It is a safe platform where you can block scammers or people who are rude to you and report them to the community.

Key Highlights

  • Easy-to-use app where all you have to do is swipe left or right and select the person you want to talk with.
  • You have an option for language.
  • Creating a user account is not necessary.
  • Text and Video Modes are available.

3. OmeTV

OmeTV App

With the OmeTV app, you can connect with millions of individuals worldwide. The app offers quick, simple-to-use cam chat, so you can see the person you're talking to face-to-face no matter how far away they may be.

It lets you video chat with random strangers online from around the world. It matches you with strangers from around the world, and you can immediately begin text or video chats with them through the chat box or your camera.

Key Highlights

  • You can choose the nation from which users you want to chat are located.
  • It is free and has no ads to distract you.
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • To ensure you do not meet fraudulent people, the brand conducts a thorough investigation.

4. Litmatch

The Litmatch app has a friendly community where you can express your genuine thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Litmatch always finds it cool, considerate people.

According to your preferences, Litmatch will first suggest a list of friends for you. When someone friend requests you or you receive one, you can look them up on social media. You can determine whether you two will become good friends, and then accept the invitation.

Key Highlights

  • You can record life moments freely without stress.
  • Share a quick voice call to get to know your new buddy better.
  • Before becoming friends, have a brief conversation.
  • Watch a video clip together.
  • You can host and share your talents and thoughts.

5. Yubo

Yubo App

On the social networking app Yubo, you can connect with others and make new friends. You can quickly create friends, whether they are from your local area or all around the world, based on your interests.

The app enables you to go live and produce online streaming with up to 10 friends. As a streamer, you can only enter a session room if you invited it or if another streamer invited you.

Key Highlights

  • To manage Yubo, you don't need any prior experience.
  • At Yubo, everything is protected, confirmed, and safe.
  • The app provides communities for a variety of fields, like beauty, yoga, music, sports, and more.
  • It allows YouTube streaming facilities with different lenses.

6. LMK


A social networking app called LMK allows users to meet others in various ways. All you have to do is download the LMK app to connect with others with similar interests and start chatting, hanging out, and talking.

You can describe yourself on your profile by adding your interests, writing a bio, and even posting to the community feed.

Key Highlights

  • You can join and use calls to communicate with others.
  • It offers drop-in audio rooms where you can talk to a group of people.
  • It has a simple feature of swiping right to make new friends.
  • The app can be installed by adults, above the age of 18.

7. MeetMe

MeetMe App

MeetMe app helps you discover new people nearby who share the same interests as yours. With the app, you can stream live videos, chat, send gifts and share photos.

You will have a personal account once you register to use the app. After that, you can upload your images and edit your profile as needed, including changing your name and age.

Key Highlights

  • Age, gender, location, range, and preference are some of the criteria you might use to filter search options.
  • You may filter your search results to show those who are online right now.
  • For your profile, you can choose the theme of your choice.
  • You can access your “Favorites” at any moment by adding any members who interest you to your favorites list.
  • You can search the MeetMe member database and easily view your profiles.

8. YikYak

YikYak App

With the app, you can share and learn what people are talking about within a 10-mile radius using instant messaging and GPS technology. For this reason, the app has become a particularly popular source of news and gossip on college campuses.

You may quickly comment and start a dialogue about any yak to start a conversation. The app is free to download and is available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Key Highlights

  • Your identity is hidden within the app.
  • Starting conversations devoid of societal labels is enjoyable and simple.
  • When you post a message it's visible to your herd.

9. Wizz

Wizz App

With the Wizz app, you get a fun and spontaneous way to meet new friends. You can scroll accounts and easily pick and choose whoever you want to connect with. If you and the other user agree to be friends, you can chat and even create large group chats.

Each profile has a short biography, photographs, and interest tags. If you choose to add more information to your profile—which is optional—you can gain access to the profiles of other users.

Key Highlights

  • Ability to create large group chats.
  • It connects people with common interests.
  • Browse a live user stream to find existing friends or make new ones.
  • Talk to your new acquaintances and take part in absurd challenges.

10. Skout

Skout App

Skout app instantly connects you with people in your area or across the world. It allows you to make new acquaintances or meet new people at any time and any location.

The app uses your phone’s GPS to connect you with individuals in your area, allowing you to talk with strangers, send virtual presents, and share images if you are above 18. When you know someone well, you can check out their profile to decide whether or not to get in touch with them.

Key Highlights

  • Get notifications from users in your area.
  • Favorite users can be saved.
  • Meet individuals based on your interests and proximity.
  • You can advertise your profile using in-app features.

11. Wink

Wink App

Wink is an app which lets you make new friends and communicate with them. With the app, you can send photos, GIFs, messages, icebreakers, and audio messages, as well as play games.

All you have to do is swipe right and left through a sea of unfamiliar faces while reading each person's profile to determine whether you think they'd make a good friend.

Key Highlights

  • It is the fastest messaging service.
  • Its restriction against adult content makes it a safe app to use and reliable for forming friendships.
  • Express yourself by using your Wink profile.
  • Include up to six images of yourself, a description of your special interests, a bio that goes into greater detail about you, and a voice introduction.

12. Swipr

Swipr App

You can meet new people and make new Snapchat buddies with Swipr. You can choose the people you want to interact with by swiping right and left. Additionally, you can grant requests and accept the individuals of your choice.

With its chatroom feature, you can instantly send messages to your Swipr friends. You can also obtain diamonds through interesting mini-tasks to unlock more convenient friend-making functions.

Key Highlights

  • You don't need to go to your profile and look for the send request button to add others.
  • Using the Swipr App can help you gain more followers on Tiktok, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • Use the HMU page to express yourself if you want greater attention.

13. Purp

Purp App

You can meet new people from around the world using the Purp app. You can learn about new subjects, get inspired by other people's creativity and productivity, meet new people, and begin your trip with your online friends with the aid of this app.

Simply swipe right or left to reject a recommendation and send a friend request to a potential friend. Following acceptance on both ends, you can correspond and check each other's social media accounts.

Key Highlights

  • Get notified when someone accepts your request.
  • Even if you only log in daily and add new people to your community or group, you'll still earn gems.
  • Just sharing the app link with your friends and asking them to join through the link will get you a good handful of gems.

14. Tandem

Tandem App

Tandem is essentially a messaging app that encourages you to connect with other language learners so you may practice speaking through online chat. The app allows for text, voice, and video chats.

It functions like social media for language learners, which makes it very easy to find someone to chat with who shares your interests and goals.

Key Highlights

  • The private and group chat service includes practical language tools built in.
  • It has features to prevent abuse, including a background check and a reporting system.
  • The app is free to use.
  • Learn to converse about subjects that interest you.
  • You can keep practicing until you have mastered the more challenging words and phrases.

15. Spotafriend

Spotafriend App

With the Spotafriend app, you can meet new people around you. It’s all about securely establishing connections with intriguing kids who live nearby and are not part of your school or community.

If you wish to add someone as a friend, swipe right on their photo on the app when you see someone else nearby. Once both of you agree, you are matched and can immediately begin a private conversation.

Key Highlights

  • It is a swiping app for teens.
  • It will only display persons nearby you because it is a location-based app.
  • You can start chatting immediately after finding a match.

Final Words

Ablo is a great platform for making new friends and offers a good set of features to make hanging out online an easy and exciting part.

However, the list listed above provides some excellent options if you want to choose additional apps that are comparable to Ablo. They are all dependable platforms that go above and above to protect users' security.

Thus we hope that after reading our list of the top Ablo alternatives, you now have a nice selection of Ablo substitutes in mind to test out.


Is there any other app like Ablo?

Yes. The above article shows the best similar apps out of many like Ablo, namely Yubo, Azar, Swipr, Wink, LMK, Spotafriend, and much more.

What is Ablo app used for?

Ablo is an iOS and Android app for international adult social networking. You can communicate with individuals from all over the world, and the software will instantly translate chats and video calls.

Is Ablo a free dating app?

Yes, Ablo is free to download for Android. There are no charges associated with starting chats with other members.