Zoom Error Code 300 [How to Fix]

zoom error code 300 fix

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Several new Zoom users are encountering Zoom Error Code 300 while trying to sign up. The issue is mainly related to the Signup.

However, there is no any official information or fix avaialble regarding error 300. Therefore, we have brought the quickest way to fix error 300 on the Zoom.

Zoom users are getting the error message as “Parameter is not correct. (300)”.

How to Fix: Zoom Error Code 300

Zoom Error 300 is happening while users are trying to confirm their Email address. Therefore, you need to sign up using a different way to avoid this issue.

You need to follow the below step-by-step instructions to fix the Zoom Error Code 300:

  • Open the Zoom App or Web Portal.
  • Open the Sign in Option.
  • Click & Open Forgot Password option.
  • Enter your Email id.
  • It will send the Password reset link to your Email id.
  • Open the Email.
  • Click on the reset link.
  • Enter & confirm the new password.
  • Open the Zoom app again.
  • Go to the Sign in.
  • Enter your Email and Password and Sign in.

It will definitely fix the Zoom Error Code 300 and you can easily sign up and sign in.

If you are experiencing any other problems regarding the Zoom App, you can comment and contact us in the comment section below. We will definitely try to resolve your issue.


Zoom Error Code 300 is an issue related to the Sign up in the Zoom Video call app. You can easily fix it using Sign in & forgot password option. In this article, we explained all the information & fix regarding the error 300.

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