Zoom Error Code 103033 [How to Fix]

Zoom Error Code 103033

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Many zoom users are experiencing zoom error code 103033, an error occurred while trying to join a webinar or an on-premises meeting.

However, there is very less information on the Internet regarding this error code. After doing some research, we manage to find some information regarding error code 103033.

Zoom Error Code 103033 [Explained]

Here, we will go on to explain all the possible ways to solve the 103033 error in Zoom.

Before we get to the solution of this error code, let’s first understand what it means and its causes.

What is Zoom Error Code 103033? Causes of it.

Zoom Error Code 103033 means “Your email has been denied by the webinar host”. If your host will denied your request to join the meeting, this error will happen.

In addition, if your email is not registered, skipped or forbidden during registration, this error may occur.

However, if your host is not refusing your request, this issue may be caused by a bug.

Zoom has already addressed this issue with the June 15, 2020 update. If you are still getting this error on your zoom. Here are two possible ways to get rid of this issue easily.

zoom error code 103033

Contact the Meeting host

You can contact and verify the reason behind this issue with your meeting host. If your email has been ignored or not registered for a specific webinar or the meeting, register it first.

Contact Zoom Support

If the meeting host is unable to find a solution to your problem, you should contact Zoom’s official support.

You can contact the Zoom Help Center by visiting:


Moreover, you can check out various zoom platforms and communities to find more information and solutions regarding this bug from others.

Hopefully, this information will help you solve your problem. If you’re experiencing other issues with the Zoom app, feel free to comment in the comments section below. We will try to find a solution to your problem.

Server Down/ Internal bug

This issue may occur from Zoom’s end, it can happen because of the server down or other internal bugs.

To check whether the issue is happening because of the Zoom internal issue, you should check out site like Downdetector to check the status of error..

If your issue is happening from the Zoom’s end, we recommend you to wait for some time until the Zoom officials fix it.


Zoom error code 103033 represents an issue related to joining a meeting. There could be several reasons behind the 103033 error. In this article, we have explained all the reasons and possible ways to fix this error code.

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