Xbox Error Code 0x89231053 [Fix Party Chat Not Working]

Xbox Error Code 0x89231053 Fix Party Chat Not Working

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Issue: Xbox Error Code 0x89231053 , Party Encountered an Error or Party Chat Not Working.
Many Xbox users are encountering Xbox Error Code 0x89231053. However, there is no any official information available to fix the error code 0x89231053.

However, after doing some research, we find the some troubleshooting ways to fix the error 0x89231053. There can be several causes behind this error, such as Network settings, Internet issue, server related problems etc.

How to Fix: Xbox Error Code 0x89231053

Follow the below step by step methods and instructions to fix the error 0x89231053.

Check your Network Settings

Sometimes, your network settings may block party chat, hence you need to set NAT (Network Address Translation) to open. Follow the below step by step instructions to do it:

  • Press Xbox button to open guide.
  • Go to Profile & System.
  • Open Settings -> General -> Network Settings.
  • Make sure NAT type is set to Open under Current Network status.

If NAT type is not displaying the open, follow the some troubleshooting instructions by visiting here.

Check Xbox Live Service Status

First, whenever you get this error message, you ought to check the Xbox Live service status. If there’s a problem from the Xbox side regarding Party, the message will display as: “Right now the party service has an outage”. During this case, you would like to wait for the sometimes till next update from the Xbox Officials.
You need to go to this page to see the service status of the Xbox.
This page will show the every information about Xbox like service status of your account, service down, Apps and more.

Check your Internet Connection

Sometimes, your poor internet connection also may liable for Error 0x89231053. Hence, you would like to see your internet connection.
You can restart your router or perform a speed test to see the standard of the web . If everything is OK, then follow the opposite solution to repair it.

Reset the Xbox App Settings

Another way to repair 0x89231053 error is by resetting the Xbox App Settings. Here are the steps to perform reset in Xbox App:
• Click on the Start.
• Go to the Settings.
• Select the Apps & Features.
• Click on Xbox App and Advanced Options.
• Click on Reset.
After doing the reset, restart your device and check the matter again, it’s still happening or not.
After applying all the above ways you continue to get the same error, so our advice is to wait sometimes until the next Xbox update. You would like to see the Xbox Live Service Status as we told you earlier. In most cases, error code 0x89231053 occurs while there’s a problem from Microsoft.

Let us know about these methods has worked for you or not in the comment section below.

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