Twitch Error Code 77b8c8a0 [PS4, Xbox Fix]

Twitch Error Code 77b8c8a0

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Issue: Twitch Error Code 77b8c8a0

Many Twitch users are encountering error code 77b8c8a0, the issue is very frustrating to see and mostly experiencing by the PS4 and Xbox users.

The error message is shown as “We’re sorry, something unexpected happened”. Due to this error, people are experiencing the issue with logging, for that reason Twitch isn’t working.

Fix: Twitch Error Code 77b8c8a0

You need to follow the below instructions and step by step guide to easily get rid of the issue.

Clear Cache

Many Twitch users manage to solve this problem by clearing their Console cache. Here are the steps to clear the cache on your console.

How to Clear Cache on your Console?

  • First off, you need to completely turn off your Console. Make sure it is not running on the Rest mode.
  • Your console will turn off completely when the blinking light is completely off.
  • Unplug the power cord from the back of the Console.
  • After unplugging the power cord from both sides, wait for at least 30-35 seconds.
  • Plug back to your Console.
  • This process will completely clear console Cache.

Now try logging in again. Look, the problem is fixed or not.

Restart your Console

Performing restart or power cycle will also help you to solve many issues on your device. Hence, you can also try to solve these issues by rebooting your Console. Here are the steps to perform restart on your device.

How to Restart my Console?

  • Turn off your console.
  • Unplug all cables.
  • Wait a while.
  • Reconnect all cables.
  • Restart our console.
  • Open Twitch and try logging in again.

If the issue is still exist, follow the next methods.

Reinstall Twitch App

Reinstalling Twitch will also help you solve various problems in the Twitch app. Therefore, we recommend you to perform the below steps:

  • First, uninstall the Twitch app.
  • Reboot your Console.
  • Download & Install the Twitch app again.

Check, it will solve your problem or not. If not, go to the next instructions.

Check Forums

You can also check out various forums to get the more information and solutions regarding Twitch error 77b8c8a0.

Wait a While

Sometimes the error can be temporary and will soon be fixed automatically after the next update. So please be patient and wait for some time.

We hope this article has helped you solve your problem. If you have any other Twitch related issues, feel free to comment in the comment section below. We will surely try to help you solve your problem as soon as possible.


Twitch error code 77b8c8a0 issue is related to login or app opening on Twitch. You can easily fix these problems by following any of the above methods.

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