Ticketmaster Error Code u001 [How to Fix 2023]

Ticketmaster Error Code u001

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Ticketmaster Error Code u001: Ticketmaster is one of the well-known ticket distributors that makes it simple to buy, sell, and transfer tickets while providing access to millions of live event tickets.

However, when trying to purchase tickets, a lot of people have complained that they have encountered the error code u001.

So, we detailed why you are seeing the error code u001 on Ticketmaster during a seat reservation or booking and how to fix the Ticketmaster error code u001 in this article.

What is Ticketmaster Error Code u001?

When you try to reserve a seat or book a ticket for a Ticketmaster show, the error number u001 indicates that there is a difficulty or a traffic issue on the Ticketmaster website.

And whenever there is an error code u001 on the Ticketmaster page, you will not be able to book or reserve a seat for the concert until the Ticketmaster error code is fixed.

Ticketmaster Error Code u001

How to Fix: Ticketmaster Error Code u001

Keep reading the article to know how you can fix the error code u001 on Ticketmaster.

Change your Location

This specific error code appears if you attempt to reserve more tickets than are offered at the location you have selected. This error notice will also show up if you attempt to purchase a sold-out ticket.

Make sure to reserve your tickets at other locations where there are more spaces available to resolve this problem.

Check Ticketmaster Server Status

When there is a popular event and many people are flocking to the platform to acquire tickets quickly, the Ticketmaster server frequently falls down.

You can use its Downdetector website on the internet to verify that the server is down. And ascertain whether a server is down based on other users’ reports and experiences.

If the server is truly down, your only option is to wait for the problem to be fixed.

Clear Cache

The Ticketmaster app’s cache usually becomes corrupted and renders the app useless. So, try clearing the cache of the Ticketmaster app to see if that resolves the problem.

For Android: Go to Settings -> Apps -> Ticketmaster app -> Storage -> Clear Cache -> Clear Data.

For iOS: Settings -> General -> Ticketmaster app -> Storage -> Offload app -> Reinstall.

Change your Browser

If, after trying all the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps, the error code persists, you should switch your browser.

Final Words

In this article, we have provided accurate general troubleshooting solutions to follow to get rid of this Ticketmaster error code u001 problem.

So, we hope you can solve the problem and successfully order your tickets.


How do I fix the error code u001 on Ticketmaster?

Change your browser and location and clear the app’s cache.

Why do I keep getting the error code u001 on Ticketmaster?

There is a possibility this particular error code shows up if you try reserving more tickets than what is available at your chosen location.  

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