Roblox Error Code 277 : How to Fix it [100% Working]

roblox error code 277 fix

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Many Roblox users have been facing Roblox Error Code 277 for the last few days. 

Roblox is a top-rated gaming platform, and the game has over 100 Million active users worldwide.

Roblox is not a single game. It is a collection of over 50 million games. Roblox is available on almost all devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC.

What is Roblox Error Code 277?

Roblox Error Code 277 is a “server disconnect” error that shows the message as:


Lost connection to the game server, please reconnect (Error Code:277)

This error happens in almost all devices, such as Windows, Xbox One, MacOS, etc. 

The complaint of Error 277 in Roblox is rapidly increasing day by day. Consequently, it became a headache for most Roblox players.

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 277

Roblox official site has provided no solution, but after doing some research, we found the step-by-step solution to fix the Roblox Error Code 277.

Here are some ways to fix Roblox Error Code 277:

By Using Roblox Utility Tool

You can quickly fix this error by running the Roblox Utility Tool. It is the best option to solve an error 277.

Here are the steps for doing it:

  • Download Roblox Utility Tool in your Windows OS.
  • After Installing, Click on SCAN NOW.
  • Wait some time to complete the scan.
  • If it detects any problem, click on the Fix button.
  • It will take some time to fix this error.
  • Restart your computer.

After applying all the above steps, see if the issue is fixed or not. If the problem is still not fixed, follow our next solution.

By Running Roblox in Compatibility Mode

However, Roblox works well with Windows 10, but sometimes a compatibility issue leads to Roblox Error Code 277. Here are ways to run Roblox in Compatibility Mode.

Causes of it:

This problem happens because of the old version of softwares developed in the previous Windows OS. 

Follow these steps to edit Roblox Compatibility Mode:

  • Go to the Roblox Properties by right-clicking on its icon.
  • Click on the Compatibility tab.
  • Tick off Run this program for incompatibility.
  • In Dropdown menu, select the Windows version you want to use for the app’s setting.
  • Click on the Apply button.

After applying all the above steps, see if the issue is fixed or not. If the issue is still not fixed, follow our next solution.

By Updating our Browser

Updating your browser is also a way to fix Roblox Error Code 277. By default, you can use the Chrome browser to get the best results. Chrome is the best trusted and reliable for playing the Roblox game.

You have first to set Chrome as a default browser on your computer. After doing it, update your Chrome browser. If you update your Chrome, Roblox will also update itself frequently to the latest version.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you can reset the internet option to fix the Roblox Error Code 277 issue.

Change your Network Connection

This error may also be related to your router ports. Some Roblox users get this error when connected to a particular network like their home Wi-Fi, but it disappears while connecting to the other network. 

You have to switch your network to check it; you can try it with mobile data. You can check by turning on airplane mode and then turn it off on your mobile device. 

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Delete the Roblox Log Files

Roblox stores the temporary cache files like settings, game history. It takes a lot of space on the computer. 

Sometimes, this Roblox file also generates bugs, errors, and glitches while using the Roblox Mobile app.

Here is the solution for it.

  • Open the Run by pressing Windows + R.
  • Type this command in a Run dialog box: %localappdata%\Roblox\logs
  • Now press the Enter.
  • Now Select all the files in a folder and Delete it.
  • Open the Run dialog box again and enter the following command. %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\RbxLogs\
  • Now again Select and delete all files of folders.
  • After doing it, Open Roblox to check issue is fixed or not.

Reinstall Roblox

If none of the above methods work, your last choice is to uninstall Roblox and Reinstall it. 

It will surely help to fix the Roblox Error Code 277. Also, reinstalling Roblox will replace or overwrite any damaged or broken files which are creating this issue.

Steps to Reinstall Roblox:

  • Log out from Roblox account.
  • Find Programs and features from searching it on the search bar.
  • Find Roblox software there.
  • Right click on it and uninstall it.
  • After uninstalling, Go to the Roblox website and log into Roblox account.
  • Click on download and install it.

Now open Roblox and check if Roblox Error Code 277 issue is fixed or not.

Final Words:

Many Roblox players have been experiencing Roblox Error Code 277 for the last few days. However, there is not any official fix or update provided by the Roblox officials. In this article, we explained all the ways to fix the Roblox Error 277.

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