PS5 Error Code NW-102216-2 [Explain & Fix]

PS5 Error Code NW-102216-2

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PS5 Error Code NW-102216-2, PS5 Error NW-102216-2 – Many PS5 users are encountering error NW-102216-2 in their Console. Due to this bug, people are encountering various problems such as disconnecting network connection, updating issue etc.

In this article, we will share all the details regarding error NW-102216-2 and possible ways to resolve it.

Ways to Fix: PS5 Error Code NW-102216-2

Let’s first understand what is PS5 Error Code NW-102216-2 and why it is happening on you device.

What is PS5 Error Code NW-102216-2?

PS5 represents problem is often occurring while trying to connect PS5 to WiFi. It is mostly occurring after the new update on PS5. However, there is no any official statement or update provided by the Sony officials.

It is showing the various error messages such as “Obtain Ip address failed” “Something went wrong”.

You need to follow the below instructions and step by step guide to perform possible methods to fix this issue.

Restart your Console

Many PS5 users are manage to solve this problem by performing the restart on their Console. You should also try to solve this issue by performing the restart on your Console. You can easily perform the restart on your Console by following the below step by step guide:

How to Restart PS5?

  • Press the Playstation button on your Console.
  • It will show the Control Center.
  • Select Power icon.
  • Restart Console.

However, some users are complaining it is temporary solution and an error is again happening after the few time.

In case this solution does not work, move to the next instructions.

Wait a While

The same problem is faced by the many PS5 users, it means the issue is happening from the Sony’s end. Therefore, we recommend you to wait for some time until the error gets automatically fixed.

Additionally, you can also check out various forums or sites like Downdetector to get more information and server status of the PS5.

Check your Internet connection

Make sure your internet connection is working properly, if your internet is not working properly, first solve it then try to access your Console.

PS5 Data Transfer Error

Contact Support

If any of the above method does not work, eventually you need to contact to the official support of the Sony Playstation. You can also get many more information by visiting here:

Hopefully, these methods will help you to get rid of your issue. If you are getting other issues in your Console, feel free to comment it in the comment section below. We will try to bring the solution of your issue as soon as.


PS5 Error Code NW-102216-2 is an issue related to the connectivity PS5, it is happening from the Sony’s end, in this article, we have explained all the details regarding this problem and methods to fix it.

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