PS5 Data Transfer Error (Database has corrupted, now rebuilding)


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Many PS5 users are encountering PS5 Data transfer error while transferring the PS4 data to PS5. However, there is no any official fix provided by the PS5 officials.

However, after doing some research, we find out the some easy troubleshooting steps to fix the Data transfer error in your PS5.

It is showing error message as “Database has corrupted, now rebuilding”.

How to Fix: PS5 Data Transfer Error

You need to follow the below ways and step by step instructions to fix the PS5 data transfer error.

Update your System

First, you need to completely update your console. Make sure currently there is no any file is downloading. Here are the steps to update the PS5.

How to update PS5?

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Select System -> System Software -> System Software Update and Settings -> Update System Software.

After the complete update, check for the error again, it is still happening or not.

Run PS4 & PS5 in Safe mode

Many PS5 users manage to fix this error by running the PS4 and PS5 in safe mode. It will automatically run some updates in your console. Here are the steps to run and boot both consoles in safe mode.

How to start Playstation in safe mode?

  • Press the power button and turn off your console (Power indicator will blink)
  • After the system is turned off, press and hold power button for some time.
  • After second beep, release the power button.
  • Connect your controller with the USB cable and press the PS5 button.

After successfully completion of it, try to transfer the data again in your console and see if issue still happens or not.

Reset Console

Unusual changes in settings may responsible for the Data transfer error in Playstation 5. Hence, we have to restore the PS5 settings to the default.

Here are the steps to restore default settings in PS5.

How to Perform factory reset in PS5?

  • Go to the Settings Menu.
  • Select System Software -> Reset Options -> Reset your Console.
  • Click on the reset option.
  • It will automatically start, reset within few minutes.

After completing the reset, try to transfer data again and check for the issue it is still happening or not.

Rebuild Database

If any of the above methods do not work, you need to rebuild the database in Playstation 5.

How to Rebuild Database in PS5?

  • Your system should up to date before the performing rebuild database.
  • Turn off completely your Console.
  • Boot your Console in Safe Mode.
  • Connect the Dual Sense Controller to the PS5 using USB cable.
  • Select the option Rebuild Database.

It will scans your drive and remaps all the content in the Console. Now, try to perform the Data transfer again and check for the issue again, it’s happening or not.


Data Transfer Error is experienced by many PS5 users recently. You can fix this error using many ways, in this article we explained all the possible ways to fix the Data transfer error in PS5.

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