Nintendo Error Code 011-3058 [3DS Error eShop]

Nintendo Error Code 011-3058 3DS Error eShop

Issue: Nintendo Error Code 011-3058 happening while trying to connect eShop with the 3DS.

Many Nintendo users are experiencing Error Code 011-3058/ 3DS Error. However, there is no any official statement released by the Nintendo.

The error is very frustrating to see and people are unable to connect the eShop with the 3DS.

Nintendo Error Code 011-3058 [3DS Error]

After doing some research, we manage to find some fixes and information regarding this issue.

Why Error Code 011-3058 is happening?

Nintendo Error Code 011-3058 is showing due to the current eShop down issue. These issues are happening due to the server down issues.

Nintendo is working on these issues and it will be resolve it soon.

What should I do?

It may take 2-4 days for the update to be received and automatically issue fixed. So, you must be patient until the next update.

You can also check various other factors, make sure you are not getting this error because of following issues:

Check your Internet Connection

First, check your internet connection, it is working perfectly or not. Bad internet connection creates a lot of problems with Nintendo. Therefore, make sure that there are no problems with your Internet connection.

Also, you can restart your router to avoid problems related to your internet speed.

Restart your Device

You can also try to solve this problem by power cycling or restarting your device.

Whichever device you are using, turn it off and start over.

Check Forums

You can also check out various forums or communities for more information, solutions and updates on this issue.

Contact Support

If you are continuously getting this error, you need to contact with the official support of the Nintendo.

You can visit here to get the more information regarding contact:

Hopefully, this article will help you to get the information regarding Error Code 011-3058 or 3DS Error and you will get rid of this issue soon.

You can also share your solution or information regarding this error in the comment section below.


Nintendo Error Code 011-3058 is occurring due to the current eShop down issue. The error will get automatically fix soon. In this article, we have briefly explained all the information and possible fixes of Nintendo Error 011-3058.

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