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Nike Error Code 98D2586B [How to Fix]

Nike Error Code 98D2586B

Nike Error Code 98D2586B, Nike Error 98D2586B – Several Nike app users are encountering the Error code 98D2586B on their device.

However, Nike hasn’t released any official statement or update regarding this bug. After doing some research, we manage to find out the some information regarding this problem and what can be the solution of it.

Nike Error Code 98D2586B [Explained]

The problem is from the Nike’s end and the error message is shown as


Sorry, we are unable to process your order. For more information please call 1-800-806-6453 for help.

[Code: 98D2586B]

According to many users, the error occurs if you order more than 1 item per day. However, many users have been facing this problem with their new account or when placing orders for the first time.

Nike Error Code 98D2586B

So, how can you get rid of this problem? Nike help center is replying after the 2-3 days. In this scenario, you should apply the below solutions to resolve this issue.

How to Fix Nike Error Code 98D2586B?

Use Different Account

If you are getting this error code while ordering the more than one order, you can create more than one account to resolve this problem.

Additionally, make sure you are not getting this error code because of the following issues:

Check your Internet Connection

Make sure your internet connection is working perfectly, if there is any problem with your connection first resolve it. After that, try to order on the Nike app.

Wait a While

Sometimes, this problem may occur from the Nike’s end. There can be several causes behind this error code. In this case, you should wait for the sometime until the error get automatically fixed or next update from the Nike.

You can check various Forums, Social media or sites like Downdetector to get more information or solution regarding your problem.

Contact Support

If of the above method won’t help, eventually you need to contact to the official support of the Nike. However, Nike’s customer service response time is very high, they will guide you about the further move to get rid of your problem.

You can contact to the Nike’s official support by visiting here:

Hopefully, you will find this information to solve your problem, if you are getting other issues in your Nike app, let us know in the comment section below, we will surely try to resolve your problem.


Nike Error Code 98D2586B is related to the ordering on the Nike app, in this article we have explained all the details regarding this error code and some possible methods to resolve it.

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