Newrow vs Zoom: Which Is Better For You? [2023]

Newrow vs Zoom

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Are you are looking for a high-quality video conferencing app? In this article, we will show you Newrow vs Zoom comparison so that you can pick up the best option that suits you.  These online meetings and sessions prevent each other to have face to face conversations with their peers, colleagues, etc.

Newrow vs Zoom: Which is Better?

What is the variation and which one to use? Here’s a guide to Newrow vs Zoom which assists you to pick wisely.


Newrow Smart is a virtual classroom display place which permits you to engage in online classes direct from your web browser. Newrow Smart is easy to use and it doesn’t require any downloads, installation or setups. Its mobile version is not yet available therefore; there is no iPhone app, Android app and Windows phone app. The facility to share presentations, videos, desktop and even an interactive whiteboard lets you discover enhanced methods to communicate your message.

Newrow Smart offers a superior user experience for its users by making their video conferences and online classes more efficient and unforgettable. It is great as an inside training tool for developments, education, and learning departments in virtual classrooms for universities and schools. You can leave the documents for download on the ‘On-Demand’ platform, so that the students who missed the class can be able to have access to the documents you used in the class.


Zoom is cloud-based and one of the well-liked video conferencing platform which can be used for audio conferencing, video conferencing meeting, meeting recordings, webinars, and live chat. Zoom meeting are trouble-free, trustworthy, and safe. It provides HD audio, video and screen sharing from your desktop and mobile devices for meeting room systems. This app permits you to record sessions so that you can be able to view afterward.

Zoom vs newrow

You can host and join meetings on desktop or mobile app as there are apps offered for Mac and PC users and as well as Android users. Zoom can be used for several other purposes and not just for meetings. You can share multiple screens and it permits virtual background hand rising feature.

This app can connect well even when your connection is not that strong. However, even if your connection completely dies and you are booted out of a meeting, you can easily get back into the meeting without having to restart the meeting when your connection comes back.

Newrow vs Zoom: Key Features

Newrow Key features:

  • It has an electronic hand raising feature.
  • Can host up to 1000 participants.
  • Real-time chats.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Audio and video conferencing.
  • On-demand webcasting.
  • Recording facility.
  • Can access through Mobile and Desktop.
  • Presentation streaming.

Zoom Key feature:

  • Cloud recording.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Electronic hand rising.
  • Audio and video conferencing.
  • Can host up to 1000 participants.
  • End to end encryption.
  • Mobile and web conferencing.
  • Private chat.

Newrow vs Zoom: pricing, pros and cons

Newrow_smart Price:

  • You can have a 30-days free trial.
  • $27.00 per month.


  • Easy and fast to use.
  • No installation is required.
  • Customer support is so approachable.
  • High video and audio quality.
  • Always upgrading.


  • Private chat option is absent.
  • Audio gets blown out a bit.

Zoom price:

  • It has a 30-days free trial.
  • Its pricing depends upon the plan you take up.
  • It has four different plans:
  Pricing Compatible for
Zoom Basic Free Small meetings and individual users
Zoom Pro $14.99 Schools and colleges
Zoom Business $19.99 Medium-sized companies and universities
Zoom Enterprises $19.99 Large companies or corporations or universities


  • Easy to use.
  • HD audio and video quality.
  • Adjust with poor connection availability.


  • Meeting set up can be bit confusing.

Conclusion: There are numerous ways to differentiate these apps from one another but in the end, it is up to you to choose between Newrow vs Zoom as both have their pros and cons.


Why is Zoom popular?

Zoom has become quite popular in recent times as it is simple to use and also, it is helping everyone from small teams to large business groups, educational institutions, schools, government officials, and also for individual users.

What is the difference between Newrow and Zoom?

There are numerous ways to differentiate these apps from one another but in the end, it is up to you to choose between Newrow vs Zoom as both have their pros and cons.

How do I see all participants in zoom?

Open zoom> start or join meeting> swipe left> you can view up to 4 participants at the same time.

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