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MeWe vs Parler Explained 2024

MeWe vs Parler Explained 2024

MeWe vs Parler has been creating a lot of reports all around as Facebook and Twitter users change to other social media platforms in search of free-speech and privacy

MeWe vs Parler

Social media have became a necessity in today’s age group as it is best in the most excellent way to connect oneself to the world and society. This is the most important objective of social media, aside from showcasing a person’s interests, hobbies, and achievements.

Facebook has been gained major popularity on social media market for pretty long time along with quite a few other apps such as Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. However, after the announcement of US Presidential elections 2020, a lot of users are changing from Facebook and Twitter in the name of free-speech and confidentiality. So this is why these two social media platforms MeWe and Parler have been experiencing numerous number of downloads in recent times. This is why a lot of users are thinking about MeWe vs Parler.

If you are looking for the same, here’s a guide for you to know everything about MeWe vs Parler.

An enormous strength in the country is now transitioning to social media substitute Parler during the post election period, which now faces its first ever challenger and competitor MeWe social networking. Thus, MeWe vs Parler have been trending all over the news. The social media alternatives are rising in popularity due to their ‘unbiased’ and conventional characteristics that moves away from Face book and Twitter

Parler has confirmed to be one of the finest options to shift to in terms of freedom to convey one’s thoughts and ideas.

Users who are not so political are searching for a platform which is not politically related and also give better privacy options; this is why a lot of people are shifting to MeWe

MeWe vs Parler: what are they?

Parler is a social media platform popular among conservatives. Though it has proven to be one of the best option to shift to in terms of free-speech, this site got knocked off following US Capitol revolts happened where a mob of people who disagreed with the results of 2020 presidential election broke into the Capitol.

On that very day several techonology companies severed their relations with Parlel. To reduce the risk of violence Google and Apple’s have removed Parlel app from their application store.

But now, it seems that Parler have returned on at least a very preliminary basis.

MeWe has been making lot of efforts to provide users with privacy and trustworthy platform where individuals are able to express their ideas online. Also this platform is ad-free; users will not receive any ads. This social media platform says: “Your private life is #not4sale no ads. No spyware. No BS”

There is a sudden increase in the unofficial accounts which also have known public personalities like former President of the United States Donald trump. MeWe is currently the No.1 application on Apple application store in the news section. It has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars in the Google play store.

MeWe vs Parler: how are they different?

Many users are using parler as an alternative to Twitter mean while MeWe is attracting Facebook users because of fewer restrictions and the users can have more control over their content.

As social media platforms both MeWe and Parler have somewhat few things which are similar to each other such as they have communities in which people can interact.

Persons who sign up for MeWe can join games group or entertainment groups and etc. On the other hand, individuals who sign up for Parler can follow hashtags to know what is trending or find out definite topics they want to discuss or argue about.

Parler is plainly documenting traffic a post receives not like MeWe, where individuals can manage over who can see their posts.

MeWe’s terms and conditions will show that this social media platform can restrain accounts that can be troublemaking or misleading others, which is something Parler is not expected to do except it breaches the law or is spam. Nonetheless, these alternatives take diverse approach to resolve the regular complaints caused by Twitter and Facebook.

As of trending MeWe vs Parler, it is found that MeWe is facing considerable face and as well as an enormous increase in its downloading rate and became the second most downloaded free application on Apple’s app store.


Politics has an important impact on social media platforms, thus many social platforms censor some of the delicate information posted by the user. Even though MeWe vs Parlel is all over the news, the choice to sign up for one or the other can be based on whether a user wants freedom or be in charge of on social media.