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Laybuy Not Working: Here’s How To Fix It Quickly! [2024]

Laybuy Not Working: Here’s How To Fix It Quickly! [2024]

Laybuy Not Working: As you are already here, we assume that you are also facing the Laybuy not working issue, such as the Laybuy not opening or launching, app crashing or login issues or there might be loading issues. 

So, what might be the reason? To find out about Laybuy issues and fixes, keep reading this article and understand how to eliminate them.

The Laybuy gives you access to hundreds of retailers from across the world and is easy to use. This app lets you pay with Laybuy online or in-store. You can pay tens of thousands of merchants worldwide with only one login.

Once accepted, you may pay for their goods over a period of six weeks in interest-free installments. As long as payments are made on time, there are no enrollment fees or other expenditures. Once accepted, you can use Laybuy to make an online payment by simply choosing the option when checking out.

Why is Laybuy Not Working?

Though there is not a specific cause for the Laybuy not loading or functioning properly, we can say that it’s due to the following reasons:

  1. Your internet connection may not work properly.
  2. You may have activated your ad blocker.
  3. The Laybuy app  might be outdated.
  4. The Laybuy might be down due to some temporary service outage.
  5. You haven’t cleared the Laybuy’s cache
  6. It is possible that the device you're using has a VPN on.
Laybuy Not Working

Is Laybuy Down?

The Laybuy may be unavailable as a result of temporary service outages, as was mentioned earlier. Search “Is Laybuy down” on Google and check sites like Downdetector, Updownradar, Isitownrightnow, or Downstatus to find if there were any outages in the recent 24 hours.

If you see that the site is working correctly, but you are still not able to access it, then you should first try the following common troubleshooting solutions to solve your problem.

Check Reddit, Twitter, Forums

Visit Laybuy, Reddit, Twitter or Other Forums to check others to find out the causes and solutions to get rid of this issue. So type “Laybuy not working” and search for articles that are related.

You can also try visiting other social media platforms to check if they are discussing the Laybuy’s app not working issue.

Even if you may not find any exact remedy or cause, you will at least know what to do in this situation.

How to fix: Laybuy App Not Working?

To fix the Laybuy not working issue, you can use the common troubleshooting options listed below if you need help finding any information from various forums.

Check Internet Connection

Check whether you have a stable network or try to change your network. If it is not working properly, you can try switching it off and on again after some time.

You can also try to switch off the device or on again to get a stable network.

Clear Laybuy’s Cache

Sometimes, the corrupted cache files create many problems and many errors. To remove this error, you need to clear the cache to fix the Laybuy not loading issues.  

Therefore, follow the steps provided below to clear the cache and cookies:

For Android:

  1. Go to Settings and navigate to Apps Menu
  2. Choose Installed Applications and search for the Laybuy app
  3. At the bottom of your screen, Tap on Clear Cache.

For iOS:

  1. Open the Settings app and select General from the side menu
  2. Click on iPhone Storage and then select the Laybuy.
  3. Then, choose Offload App and then Reinstall it from the App Store

Close and Reopen the Laybuy

When the Laybuy is facing minor glitches and bugs, Close it and turn it back on after some time and check if it resolves problems with Laybuy not working.

Log out and Login back

If you have any problems while using the Laybuy or if the app crashes, log out and log back in again, In order to stabilize the app's overloaded user data.

Update the Laybuy

A few elements of the Laybuy might stop functioning properly if it is out of date, and the app will completely slow down and stop functioning entirely.

To resolve this problem, all you have to do is update Laybuy on your device, and then check to see if the problem is resolved. To learn how to update the Laybuy on your smartphone, follow the steps listed below.

For Android:

  1. Open the Google Play Store and select the Profile icon in the top right corner
  2. Then click Manage Apps & Device
  3. Find the Laybuy now, then select Update.

For iOS:

  1. Open the App Store and select the your Profile icon from the menu at the top of the screen
  2. Search for the Laybuy by scrolling down
  3. To upgrade the Laybuy to the most recent version, select Update now.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Laybuy

You can uninstall the Laybuy and reinstall it again after some time. By doing this, the most recent version of the app will be installed automatically, probably fixing any bugs or glitches it may have had.

Additionally, this will delete all of the caches and packed user data, making the Laybuy work like a newly installed app.

Turn off VPN

A VPN on your device may prevent Laybuy from working properly. Please turn off your device’s VPN, then open Laybuy again.

For Android:

  1. Open Settings on your phone and select Network & Internet
  2. Next, choose VPN under Advanced or use the search bar to look up VPN
  3. Next to the VPN, select Forget to forget the network or Disconnect to turn off the VPN.

Apple iOS:

  1. To disable the VPN, go to Settings and select General
  2. Then, tap VPN & Device Management and select VPN
  3. Disable the VPN option to turn off it.

Check device compatibility

After applying the above solutions still Laybuy does not work, it’s possible that it is not compatible with your device. Check the compatibility of your device or see if its operating system needs to be updated.

Update the operating system of your device

Your device may occasionally require an operating system update, which would explain why it is having problems. Download the most recent OS for your device and see if that fixes the issue.

Wait for a While 

Sometimes, there might be temporary service outages that prevent Laybuy from working properly. In this case, you’ll need to wait for a while till the issue is fixed on the Laybuy side. 

Contact Laybuy Customer Service 

If the above solutions didn't resolve your issue with the Laybuy, all you can do is to get in touch with its customer service and clearly describe the problem you're having. 

You can contact Laybuy customer support through email on [email protected] or Laybuy contact number at 353-(0)1 567 7000.

What must I do if payments are declined?

An email will be sent to you to notify you immediately when an installment payment has failed. You can make another attempt to make the payment after 24 hours.

  1. Please sign in to your Laybuy account and choose “Payment Schedule” first.
  2. And follow “Pay Now” next to any past-due payments.
  3. Select “Submit Payment” after selecting the desired payment option.

If you are having any problems paying you to contact them through submitting a Request.

Card Error

If you find an error when trying to add a new card or make a payment if there was a problem processing your request, there are a few things to check:

  1. The card has enough money on it. (You must have a minimum of $1/£1 in your account if you are adding a new card.)
  2. Check the validity of your card.
  3. Has the proper CVC been included?
  4. The transactions are being blocked by your bank?

If you're still having issues adding a card or paying please get in touch with the team via Submit a Request so they can help you further.

I don't get an SMS message to confirm my order, what should I do? 

  1. Navigate to Settings, select Emails, Notifications, and SMS.
  2. Ensure that all of your app notifications are enabled.
  3. Visit the store (from the bottom menu).
  4. Give your numbers at the register so a special push notification will be sent to you to complete your payment.

Payment has timed out

It put a time limit on the use of your Virtual Card as an additional measure of security. If you do not finish your purchase within this time frame, please visit their Shop Directory again, choose the store, and try again.

Logging in issues: “Unable to authenticate”

If you're getting the message “Unable to authenticate,” your password was typed in incorrectly. Follow the steps listed below to reset password:

  1. Navigate to Log In
  2. Then Click Forgot your Password
  3. Type your email address here
  4. You must enter a new password after receiving the email.
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Final Words

To fix the Laybuy not working, login issues, check for a proper internet connection, update your device, use another browser or device, or wait until the problem gets fixed from the Laybuy’s end.

In addition, see if your device has a VPN enabled. So, we hope by reading our article, you have all the answers to your questions and a clear idea of why Laybuy not working issue.