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Kocowa vs Viki: Which Is Better? [2024]

Kocowa vs Viki: Which Is Better? [2024]

Kocowa vs Viki: You may doubt whether Kocowa is better or Viki. In this article, we will help you choose between Kokova and Wiki by comparing each.

Kocowa has joined Viki forces, thus providing access to an existing international audience for over thirty-five million monthly active users.

Rakuten Viki usually airs new shows from China, Korea, Japan, and some original productions. It provides more content through the partnership with Kocowa with a subscription.

Korean or Chinese television series, popularly known as K-dramas and C-dramas, are television series in the Korean and Chinese languages, respectively.

These are popular worldwide because of their culture and widespread availability through the streaming services often offered in multiple languages.

Kocowa vs Viki: What are they?


Kocowa is an American streaming service that was launched as a joint venture by the Korean broadcasting system (KBS), Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), Seoul broadcasting system (SBS), the three major Korean Broadcasting networks in South Korea.

With Kocowa, you can watch all your favorite Korean dramas, K-reality, k-variety, K-pop, and other programs with well-translated subtitles.

A certified translated team translates and subtitles its content. It is available in several languages, such as English, Portuguese, and Spanish, within a few hours after the original airtime in Korea.

In this way, viewers no longer have to wait for crowd-sourced subtitles.


Viki is an American video streaming service based in California. You can be able to watch all your favorite subtitled Asian dramas, TV shows, and Movies from Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Mainland China, Japan, anytime and anywhere with Rakuten Viki.

You can stream TV series and movies for free or by subscribing to Viki pass for a fantastic HD experience and completely ad-free.

Viki pass is an annual or monthly recurring subscription service that allows you to watch exclusive content in HD and without Ads.

Likewise, they have a lot of content, including Chinese dramas and shows, available on Kocowa, but you'll have to pay extra money to access this feature.

Community volunteers can subtitle the content that's on Viki. These community members can subtitle their favorite videos, series, or movies in their preferred languages under a creative commons license.

Kocowa vs Viki: Comparison

  • Kocowa is owned by the three biggest companies, whereas Japanese Rakuten owns Viki.
  • Kocowa's catalog is relatively small to Viki's, as Viki provides Dramas from Kocowa too.
  • Kocowa doesn't have any Viki dramas, but Viki has some Kocowa dramas.
  • Kocowa releases the subtitles quickly compared to Viki, so you don't have to wait for two or three days for the subs.    
  • Kocowa provides some extra K-Dramas to Viki.
  • The subscribers who are interested in watching the extra content provided in Viki have to pay additional money.
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Kocowa vs Viki: Pricing and Plans


Daily Membership:
  • It costs $0.99 daily.
  • One time payment
  • No renewal
  • No commitment
  • Unlimited Dramas and TV shows for 24 hours
  • Inexpensive and convenient way to try out.
Monthly Membership
  • It costs $6.99 per month
  • No ads and no commitment
  • Hassle-free auto-renewal
  • Unlimited Dramas and TV shows for a month
  • A 1-month free trial is available, and it can extend with a promo code.
Annual Membership
  • It costs $69.99 per annum
  • No ads
  • 2-month discounts
  • Hassle-free auto-renewal
  • Unlimited Dramas and TV shows for a year

Before choosing any plan, you can start your 14-day free trial.


There are 3 plans available: Basic, Standard, Plus

Viki Pass Basic Subscription
  • It is available in only some selected countries.
  • It costs $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year.
  • It offers non-exclusive content, without ads, and in HD.
  • Users who don't mind waiting for their favorite content to become available to all users, they usually use it.
Viki Pass Standard Subscription
  • It costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.
  • It allows you to watch Viki exclusives, Viki originals, and some selected movies.
  • You can be able to explore the shows available with no ads and HD quality.
  • It has over 55 shows and 38 movies available.
Viki Pass Plus Subscription
  • It costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.
  • It is only available in North, South, and Central America and only available on Web, iOS, Android, Roku, and Chromecast.

KOCOWA vs Viki: Features

Supported Devices

KOCOWA: Google TV, Android, Google Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and web browser. Visit here for more information on supported devices.

Viki: Android phones, tablets, Chromebooks, iPhone, iPad, Google TV, Apple TV HD, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox 360, Nook, Windows Phone, Firefox OS, Amazon Kindle Fire, Playback via HDMI, Samsung Smart TV, and Screen Mirroring. You can visit here for more information.

Available Countries

KOCOWA: You can be able to stream KOCOWA in different regions  of North and South America, including the United States, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and more.

Viki: Rakuten Viki is available to stream in regions like Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States in different languages like Deutsch, Espanola, Italiano, Portuguese, and more.


KOCOWA: It streams a wide range of Korean programs, including The King in Love, Infinite Challenge, School 2017, Running Man, and K-pop music programs including Musci Bank Work Tour and Inkigayo.

Kocowa offers a Live Stream that includes the service’s three main content categories – Dramas, Music, and Reality. Thus, providing a variety of entertainment options for users to enjoy while interacting with others on the platform.

And if users want to stream on a laptop or desktop, they can chat with other K-pop and k-drama fans in real-time. Since it offers different languages, people who speak Portuguese, English, or Spanish can participate in this experience.

Viki: Like Hulu, Rakuten Viki streams premium licensed content in the same way. It then puts the content on one of its channels, and then it is subtitled by community volunteers.

Under a creative commons license, community members can subtitle their favorite videos in their preferred languages. This facility gives individuals to collaborate globally in several languages at once.

Moreover, this subtitling software let various volunteers translate a video simultaneously into up to 160 languages. It also syndicates its shows with fan-created subtitles to its partners like Netflix, Hulu, and Yahoo! and in turn, receives fees and revenue.

Another interesting fact is that of all the languages that are available on the site, around 50 are endangered or vulnerable languages.

Here are some frequently asked questions from people:

Is Kocowa Subscription Worth It?

While Kocowa’s quality is amazing, its library is relatively of medium size compared to that of Viki’s. It is important to note that Kocowa provides some extra Korean dramas to Viki.

So, if you don’t want to pay extra to Viki to watch Kocowa content, you can directly subscribe to Kocowa to watch its exclusive content.

Is Viki Subscription Worth It?

Although Kocowa doesn’t have any Viki dramas, Viki has some Kocowa dramas. So, if you want to watch this extra content, you’ll have to pay Viki more. This means instead of Viki pass; you’ll have to pay extra to watch Kocowa content.

Also, a Viki Pass Plus subscription comprises both the benefits of a Viki Pass Standard Plus over 14,000 hours of extra Korean content.

Is the Kocowa the same as Viki?

Kocowa is owned by the three biggest companies, whereas Japanese Rakuten owns Viki.

Also, Kocowa doesn’t have any Viki dramas, but Viki has some Kocowa content.

Is it worth paying for Viki?

Viki includes most of the Kocowa content and the viewing quality is much higher than kocowa. So, if you enjoy watching Viki content along with Kocowa content, Viki is worth it.

How much is a Kocowa subscription?

Kocowa’s daily subscription costs $0.99, monthly membership costs $6.99 and annual subscription costs $69.99.

How much is Viki monthly?

Viki Pass basic subscription costs $2.99 per month, Viki Pass Standard Subscription costs $4.99 per month and Viki Pass Plus Subscription costs $9.99 per month.

Is Viki legal?

Yes, Viki is entirely legal and licenses all the titles from within Asia.

The Bottom line: unlike Viki, a certified translated team translated and subtitled Kocowa's content. Kocowa doesn't have any Viki dramas, but Viki has some Kocowa dramas and other Chinese dramas.

So, it's up to you to device whether you want Kocowa or Viki. I hope the above article on Kocowa vs Viki might have helped you pick up the right option