How to Update Krnl [Complete Guide]

How to Update Krnl

Don’t know how to update Krnl? Don’t worry! this article will give you a simple and detailed process to update the Krnl. A lot of the exploits get patched everytime, so, you have to watch the site now and then for updates and unpatches and also, they made a new update for krnl.

Krnl is in the most top three best free exploits right now. Beside sentinel and synapse x, probably krnl is the only executor which doesn’t have.

How to Update Krnl [Step by Step Guide]

Before updating or downloading krnl, make sure all your anti-viruses or your real time protections are turned off.

Here are the steps on How to Update Krnl:  

  1. Open your PC.
  2. Click on start menu.
  3. Open file folder.
  4. Search for krnl in the search bar and open it.
  5. Delete all the files in krnl folder.
  6. Open bootstrapper again.

Usually, it should have an auto update option but if not, then open bootstrapper. If the bootstrapper doesn’t open then just re-download krnl again so that you can easily get its new update.

How to download krnl

To download krnl, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome browser and search for WinRAR.
  2. Click 64 or 32 bit version, whatever your PC support and download it
  3. Go to kernel and open it in a new tab.
  4. Click on the three dots in the top right corner.
  5. Go to downloads.                 
  6. Double-click on krnl_bootstrapper and minimize it.
  7. Now, open any random Roblox game or discord game.
  8. Open krnl_bootstrapper.
  9. Click OK on the pop-up which you’ll be prompted.
  10. You’ll be asked to put a key.

There you go, now you got krnl open and this Krnl key is not always same for everyone. Also, make sure you press the ad-blocker so that you won’t be interrupted while playing.

Conclusion: I hope the steps listed above on how to download krnl helped you solve your problem.

Is krnl safe?

KRNL is safe and free as they crack the virus and seal it with Malware. If you are going to download krnl, do it from official website as there are some paid exploits which may scam you. So, be careful before downloading.

Does krnl work on Windows 7?

Most of the software which is found on works fine on both 64bit and 32bit operating systems, and also on Windows 7. 

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Written by Veditha

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