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How to Update Cricut Design Space [Complete Guide]

How to Update Cricut Design Space [Complete Guide]

This article will show you a guide on” How to Update Cricut Design Space.” It is suggested to update Cricut Design Space of your system so that you can utilize the latest version for an enhanced performance.

Design Space is cloud-based program which lets you browse pages or pre-designed project pages. On top of that, you can also design your own projects on your laptop, computer, phone and tablets. It consists of 400 fonts, 75,000 images and over 800 pre designed projects.

How to Update Cricut Design Space

Updates for apps or software are required for so that users can use the latest version. So, follow the steps mentioned below on How to Update Cricut Design Space for the latest version;

  1. Open your PC.
  2. Click on windows.
  3. Navigate to Applications.
  4. Scroll down and click on Cricut Design Space.
  5. Click on the Account menu at the upper left corner.
  6. Then select Update software.
  7. You’ll be prompted to new available updates.

If you don’t have any updates, you’ll receive a message saying, your Cricut Design Space software is up to date.

Sometimes it crashes and doesn’t install at all while updating Cricut Design Space; so follow the steps mentioned below on How to Update Cricut Design Space by re-installation process.

  1. Click on Cricut Design Space
  2. Uninstall the already existing app
  3. Go to in chrome or any other browser. 
  4. Click on Download; you will see it downloading in the bottom left corner
  5. Click on Install,  
  6. Once your installation is complete, open Cricut Design Space and Log-in using your credentials.

Now you will be able to use the new version of Cricut Design Space.

 If you want to save this on the doc;

  • Right click on the Cricut Design Space icon.
  • Select options.
  • Choose keep in doc option.

Once you log in, Cricut Design Space will remember your credentials, so that you don’t need to log-in every time you open that app.

You’ll not be able to see your projects, which you have previously done if you didn’t save your projects on a cloud before uninstalling.

To automatically save your projects on your computer and cloud or to view them offline, follow these steps.

  1. Open New project
  2. Click on the three dots at the upper right corner
  3. Navigate to Settings
  4. Look out for Saving for offline
  5. There will be two options: Cloud and computer, Cloud only
  6. Click on Cloud and computer.

So, now don’t distress in deleting your app because everything should be already saved into cloud.

Conclusion: I hope the above article on How to Update Cricut Design Space helped you to solve your problem. Even if you have issues with the new version, it is recommended to actively report those issues by emailing them.

Why won’t my Cricut Design Space update?

Sometimes it crashes and doesn’t install at all while updating Cricut Design Space. So try restarting your computer. Once the computer has restarted, come back to Cricut Design Space software update process again and update it.

Why is my Cricut Design Space is freezing?   

If you are streaming while working, that might stop your Cricut Design Space from running easily. Turn the other apps or streaming off if necessary so that Cricut Design Space will stop freezing or lagging.

What is the newest version of Cricut Design Space?

The newest version of Cricut Design Space can be checked using Design Space on a Window or Mac computer. So the latest software versions are: 1.091, Air: 3.091, Air 2: 5.120, One: 2.095, Maker: 4.175.

Why is Design Space so slow?

The main cause of Design Space slow problem is having a slow internet connection. The program requires high-quality and steady internet connection so that it speed up the uploads, and downloads.

Is Cricut Design Space free?

No. You can either pay for whole year at once or can pay monthly for your membership with the option to cancel any time you want.

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