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How to Update Apps on Amazon Fire stick

How to Update Apps on Amazon Fire stick

This article will help you to know how to update apps on Amazon Fire stick. Amazon Fire stick or Amazon Fire TV is able to show 4K content in 5.1 Dolby sound and also, you can play games or listen to music. It is always a good idea to keep Amazon Fire stick updated regularly like any other devices which have applications.

 Amazon Fire stick basically looks like USB memory dongle but a bit larger. You can connect it to your TV with HDMI. Now lets take a look on how to update apps on Amazon Fire stick.

How to Update Apps on Amazon Fire stick

Amazon Fire stick has a lot of channels as well as many streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and also Youtube videos. These apps need to be updated on a regular basis to make sure that you are using the latest software.

Even though you can manually check for new versions, the easiest way to update your apps on a regular basis is to turn on the automatic updates and allowing them to do their work as required.

So here’s are some steps on How to Update Apps on Amazon Fire stick;

  • Switch on your TV.
  • Open your Amazon Fire stick or Amazon fire TV interface.
  • Head to Home menu.
  • Scroll right and choose Settings at the top of your screen.
  • Scroll right again and check out for App store.
  • Click on your Apps and Games.
  • Select any app and press the triple line button on your remote.
  • Check for more info and select it.
  • Look out for the updated version.
  • If any updates are there, you will get a new option beside open. By click on that option you confirm to updating the app.
  • If no update exists you won’t see any special notification.

Amazon Fire stick  in general automatically updates its apps but in case, if your automatic updates has been turned off; follow the above steps on how to update apps on Amazon Fire stick or else click on automatic updates and change it to ON if you like so that you don’t want to check yourself for updates regularly.

How to install apps on Amazon Fire stick?

To install apps you have to make sure that you have an Amazon account.

  • Open your Amazon Fire stick.
  • Go to main Fire TV menu.
  • Go down to open App store
  • Click on App store, just like Android and iOS there will be lot of different categories.
  • Search or select the app that interests you.
  • And then click on download and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Click on the open button after the app gets installed.

At last, you can add apps on your Amazon Fire stick from apps store. These installed applications will be available on the main screen or in your application list.

How to uninstall apps on Amazon Fire stick?

When you decide you do not want a previously downloaded app you can delete or uninstall it by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to Home screen
  • Click on Settings
  • Select Applications
  • Then click on Manage all installed apps
  • Now choose whatever app you want to uninstall
  •  Click on uninstall or delete button.

This app will be removed and will vanish from your app list.

Does Amazon Fire stick work on any TV?

Yes. However, any type of TV should have an HDMI option so that you can get access to Amazon Fire stick.

How do I manage apps on Amazon Fire stick?

Go to settings on your Fire stick. Select applications and then click on manage installed applications.

Does my Fire stick need to be updated?

Yes. Fire TV stick need to be updated frequently to keep your device protected and provide it with latest software.

Why can’t I update my Fire stick?

If you are not able to update our Fire stick; check out for the internet connection or try restarting your home networks such as router and also make sure that your device has enough available storage.

Does Fire stick update automatically?

If there any updates available Amazon Fire stick or Amazon Fire TV devices automatically download the latest software updates when connected to internet.