XBox Error Code 0x8923103D Party Encountered [Fix]

How to Fix XBox Party Error Code 0x8923103D

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Issue: Xbox One Party Encountered an Error Code 0x8923103D

Many Xbox One users are encountering an Error Code 0x8923103D while trying to join/start a party in their Xbox. There can be several possible reasons behind 0x8923103D Error. However, there is no any official update provided by Microsoft regarding this issue.

How to Fix: XBox Party Error Code 0x8923103D

After doing some research, we discovered some methods to fix 0x8923103D in Xbox. Hopefully it will work for you too.

What is Error Code 0x8923103D? Causes of it.

Error Code 0x8923103D is happening while Xbox users are trying to join the Party. The error message is shown as “We can’t connect to Xbox Live right now – the service might be down. [0x8923103D]”.

This error is found on multiple devices, some users are facing this error in the PC and Mobile as well.

Check Xbox Live Service Status

First, whenever you get this error message, you should check the Xbox service status. If there is an issue from the Xbox side regarding Party, the message will display as: “Right now the party service has an outage”. In this case, you need to wait for the sometimes till next update from the Xbox Officials.

You need to visit this page to check the service status of the Xbox.

This page will show the every information about Xbox like service status of your account, service down, Apps and more.

Check your Internet Connection

Sometimes, your poor internet connection also may responsible for Error 0x8923103D. Hence, you need to check your internet connection.

You can restart your router or perform a speed test to check the quality of the internet. If everything is OK, then follow the other solution to fix it.

Perform Power Cycle 

You can also try to fix the error by simply performing the power cycle on your Xbox console. Performing the power cycle is helpful to resolve the many issues in the Console or PC. Hence, we recommended you to perform the Power cycle. Follow the below step by step guide to fix the perform power cycle:

  • Turn off your Console or PC.
  • Unplug the Power Cable from Device and Plug.
  • Wait for the few minutes.
  • Plug in to the both devices again.
  • Turn on the Device and try to join the party chat again.

If above method won’t work, follow the next instructions.

Reset the Xbox App Settings

Another way to fix 0x8923103D error is by resetting the Xbox App Settings. Here are the steps to perform reset in Xbox App:

  • Click on the Start.
  • Go to the Settings.
  • Select the Apps & Features.
  • Click on Xbox App and Advanced Options.
  • Click on Reset.

After doing the reset, restart your device and check the problem again, it is still happening or not.

After applying all the above ways you still get the same error, so our advice is to wait sometimes until the next Xbox update. You need to check the Xbox Live Service Status as we told you earlier. In most cases, error code 0x8923103D occurs while there is a problem from Microsoft.


Xbox error code 0x8923103D is encountered while users are trying to start / join the party on the Xbox. There can be many reasons behind the error 0x8923103D, most of the time it happens while Microsoft is updating the Party function.

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