[Fix] Error Code 224003: This Video File Cannot Be Played

How to fix Error Code 224003 This Video File Cannot Be Played

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Are you experiencing Error Code 224003 while playing the any video? Here, we are going to explain how to fix Error Code 2240003(This Video File Cannot Be Played) in any browser such as Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox.

What is Error Code 224003? Causes of it.

Error Code 224003 represents Video Playback Error, it generally encountered while playing the video online on any browser. Error Codes 224003 encountered due to the embedded video player in your browser isn’t properly configured or it may occur due to the cache and extensions of the browser.

Additionally, there can be several reasons behind Error Code 224003, it may happen due to the your poor internet connection or unusual browser extensions.  Follow the next step by step guide to fix Error Code 224003 in various platforms.

How to Fix: Error Code 224003

Below are the common methods which can you use any browser to fix the video error 224003.

Change the Browser

If you are unable to play the video in Chrome browser, you can try to play the same video in different browser like Microsoft Edge, Opera etc.

If your error is regarding the wrong configuration or cache of the browser, it will simply fix the error and you can easily watch this video in any other browser.

If you are still facing the same issue, then follow the our next methods.

Turn Off All Extensions

Sometimes, various browser extensions are responsible for the not playing any video. In this case, you have to disable all the extension of the browser.

Here are the steps to disable the extensions in Chrome browser:

  • You can see the Extension icon beside the three dot, Click on it.
  • Find Manage Extensions, click on it.
  • Here, you can remove or turn off all the extensions.
  • After it, restart your Chrome browser and try to play the video again.

Check Internet Connection

Sometimes, your low speed internet connection can also generate the Error code 224003.

Hence, you need to check your internet connection to watch the video again. You can check your internet connection by playing the video in YouTube.

If there is no any issue with the  YouTube video, your problem may be happening due to the other reasons.

Update Browser

Outdated browser can be also the reason behind this problem, you can also try to fix this error by updating your browser to the latest version of it.

Go to the official website of your browser, check for any latest update available.

Hard Acceleration in Chrome

Sometimes, hardware acceleration feature of Chrome browser causes problem while playing any video in Chrome.

So, you need to disable Hardware Acceleration feature in the Chrome browser. Here are the steps to disable it:

  • Go to the Settings of Chrome.
  • Find Hardware Acceleration option.
  • Turn it off.

Now, close the browser and reopen it. Check the video again, it is playing or not.

These are the common ways to fix Playback error 224003, it can be used with any browser.

How to Fix Error 224003 on Safari

Many Safari users are also facing 224003 error while playing the video in their browser. Hence, here are the methods and step by step guide to fix this error in Safari browser.

Restart Safari

Sometimes, Safari browser won’t load properly, in this case there is a chance of Error 224003.

So, you have to first close the browser and simply restart it to prevent this error.

Remove All Extensions of Safari

Safari Extensions can be also responsible for Error Code 224003. So, you have to remove all the extensions from the Safari. Here are the steps to disable extensions in Safari.

  • Go to the Menu -> Safari -> Safari Extensions
  • Select Extensions, uninstall it.

Now, restart the Safari and check for the error, it is still happening or not.

Clear All Data of Safari

Sometimes, overloading of data may generate the problem while playing the video. In this case, you need to clear all the data of Safari browser.

Here are the steps to clear all the data in Safari:

  • Press the Command + Shift + Delete

It will clear all the cookies, cache and unwanted files in Safari.

Hopefully, you will get the solution of Error Code 224003 by reading our article. If you are getting other issues in your browser, feel free to comment in the comment section below.

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