How to Fix: 0x803f9008 Error in Xbox One

How to Fix 0x803f9008 Error in Xbox

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Xbox users are experiencing 0x803f9008 error while they are trying to play games on Xbox one. Therefore, we bring out the solution of error 0x803f9008 for you. According to Microsoft, 0x803f9008 Error is happening because of your Xbox is offline.

How to Fix Error 0x803f9008 in Xbox one

It will show an error message as “For this game you need to be online”

You can easily fix this error by following below methods and step by step guide:

Check Xbox Live Service Status

First, you need to check the service status of your Xbox live. Here are the steps to check:

  • Visit Here: Xbox Live Service Status Page to check the service status of your Xbox Live.
  • It will show the service status of your page and it also shows the service is down or not.

If you find any alerts, then you need to wait until the service start again. After it, try to login in Xbox and start again.

Connect to the Xbox Live

If above method will not work, then you can also try it by connecting to the Xbox Live. Below are the steps to connect to the Xbox Live:

  • Press on the Xbox Button, it will open the Guide.
  • Select Connect to Xbox Live, Select Go Online.

Now, check for the issue, it is still happening or not.

If you are unable to connect to the Xbox Live then you have to perform troubleshoot in your Xbox. Here is the official guide to perform troubleshoot in your Xbox.

Enable My Home Xbox

If any of the above method won’t work in your Xbox. Hence, you have to enable My Home Xbox in your Xbox one. Here are the steps to enable My Home Xbox.

  • Press the Xbox button, you can see the Guide.
  • Go to the Profile & System -> Settings -> General -> Personalization -> My Home Xbox
  • If you want to designate your console as the home Xbox, Select make this my home Xbox.
  • If you want to remove the designation, Select Remove this as my home Xbox.
  • Well, you can try the both methods to enable the home Xbox.

Here is, the more information regarding the home Xbox. Next, try to play Xbox again. Check for the problem to see if it is still happening.Here are all solutions that are officially provided by Microsoft.

If you are still experiencing 0x803f9008 error, our advice is to contact Xbox officials. However, you can also demonstrate some common methods to fix error 0x803f9008 on your Xbox One.

Refresh dashboard

Some users fixed this error by refreshing the dashboard in their Xbox One. You can also try it by following the steps given below:

• Go to Dashboard.

• Press and hold this button: Left trigger + Right trigger + Y for 10-15 seconds.

After performing, it will automatically refresh the dashboard.

Now, check again for the problem. Hopefully, this will resolve your issue. If it still exists, then follow the second method.

Clear system cache

Xbox has many errors that can be fixed by the clearing the cache. Occasionally, your Xbox cache may be converted to corrupt. So, we have to clear all caches of Xbox. Here are the steps to clear cache in Xbox:

  • Press the Guide button in Xbox.
  • Go to System -> System Settings
  • Choose storage, choose a storage device, and press the controller’s Y button.
  • Now, you can select device open screen, select system cache and view yes.

Now, check for error code 0x803f9008 or whether the “This game requires you to be online” message is still visible.

Hopefully, any of the above method solved your issue. If you are getting other issues, feel free to comment in the comments section below.

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