How to Fix: Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

How to Fix Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

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Some people are experiencing problems with their Chromebook Keyboard. There are many people complaining regarding Chromebook keyboard is not working. Therefore, we come up with some quick solutions to fix the Keyboard issue on your Chromebook.

Causes of Keyboard Not Working in Chromebook

This issue may be related to your Chromebook’s hardware. There are several reasons behind Keyboard stopped working in Chromebook. However, hardware issues are a common reason behind not working keyboard in Chromebook.

This issue is related to hardware, hence we have to fix the hardware problem in our Chromebook. Below are the steps to resolving your issue.

How to Fix: Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

There are two ways to fix a Chromebook Keyboard. Read our next instructions carefully to fix your issue easily.

Hardware Reset

We have to perform the Hardware reset in our Chromebook. Here are the steps to perform hardware reset in your Chromebook.

  • Turn off your Chromebook and wait until it completely turns off.
  • Press and Hold Refresh Button and Power Button together for 15 seconds.
  • Release the Refresh Button when Chromebook starts.
  • If it doesn’t start, Press the Power Button again.

Now, check for the issue in your Chromebook, if it is fixed or not. This method worked for many people, hopefully it will also work in your case.

Other Ways to Reset Hardware

In some Chromebook, we have to press the special power button, unplugging the power cable and reinserting battery to reset hardware in Chromebook.

Hardware Reset in Tablet

  • Press and hold Volume Up and Power Up button for at least 15 seconds.
  • After it, release them.

Reset your Browser

The browser can also responsible for your not working keyboard. In this case, you need to reset your browser to quickly fix your issue. Chrome is the by default browser in Chromebook, so we have to reset Chrome in the Chromebook.

 Here are the steps to reset your browser in Chromebook.

  • Open the Chrome browser.
  • Go to the Settings.
  • Click and Open Advanced Settings.
  • Open Reset and Clean Up Option.
  • Select Reset Settings and Click Ok to Reset.

Now, check for the Keyboard problem it is fixed or not.

However, if you are using convertible Chromebook that can turn into tablet then your issue might be happening due to the tablet mode. You can easily fix it by switching your device into tablet mode and reswitch to the laptop mode. It will solve your issue if it will related to Tablet mode.

After applying above methods, still your Chromebook keyboard does’t working then you will need to visit service center or repair shop for repairing your Chromebook.

Use On-Screen Keyboard

You can use On-screen keyboard until your keyboard issue get fixed. Here are the steps to Turn on On-screen keyboard.

  • Sign in your Chromebook.
  • Go to the bottom right and select time.
  • Select Settings -> Advanced
  • Find Accessibility and Select Manage Accessibility Features.
  • Find Keyboard and Text input and select Enable on-screen Keyboard.

Use External Keyboard

You can also use an external keyboard instead of the regular keyboard of a Chromebook. External keyboards always perform better than regular keyboards.


Chromebook keyboard not working issue is related to hardware. We can fix it easily by resetting the hardware in the Chromebook. Above, we talked about ways to fix your keyboard-related problem in a Chromebook, and many other ways to use a keyboard in a Chromebook.

If you are experiencing other issues in your Chromebook then feel free to comment in the comment box below. We will definitely try to bring out the solution of your issue.

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