GoPuff not Working? Try These Methods to Fix! [2023]

GoPuff not Working

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Is GoPuff not working for you too? Maybe you should try checking your internet connection/refresh the website or call the customer support team.

GoPuff is a well-known American-based delivery services provider. The company was founded in 2013 by Yakir Gola along with his co-founder Rafael Ilishayev.

Unlike other delivery and package service providers, GoPuff delivers everything and anything to your doorstep. It can be food delivery, it can be home essentials, it can be snack delivery, or even alcohol from selective markets. So, you can order anything from the GoPuff.

While everything was going well, recently, the customers of the GoPuff app raised complaints and reports about GoPuff not loading. GoPuff stopped working for many people and for a few it just didn’t work out till the end.

Are you one among those people for whom GoPuff stopped working? If so, then you are in the right place. In the article below – we are going to give you more than just one solution to solve your problem with the GoPuff app and website.

Is GoPuff not Working?

GoPuff application and website have millions of users using it on a daily basis. For a few, it can be a once-in-a-month or week place while for the rest of them, GoPuff has to be involved in regular life.

While GoPuff serves so many people at once, it may occur that while a lot of people were using the website during a peak time, glitches and lagging aspects rose – automatically giving a shutdown to many apps and website connections in a few areas.

While we are focused on the issues arising in the connection between the users and the service, it may also happen because of the poor network connection from the user’s side or device compatibility for the app. If you are using an old device or if the website you are using is lagging a lot, it can cause you issues too.

Is GoPuff down?

GoPuff company has not yet officially announced the shutdown of the GoPuff website or application. While customers are facing problems on both websites and the application – GoPuff officials are still on a run to find the cause behind it.

It is not entirely down for maintenance or any other purpose. But the website seems down for consumers in a few areas of American land. It may be because of the major bugs arising suddenly. You can check Downdetector to find out whether there are any temporary outages.

GoPuff app Not working?

The solutions mentioned below can help you fix the GoPuff app not working issue:

  1. Check internet connection – if your internet connection is very slow and not working, you will not be able to use the GoPuff app as it has to be used online.
  2. Clear Cache – Cache is unwanted material getting stored in your device from applications. Once you clear it, your device and app will work better.
  3. Update the app – if you are using the app which is yet to be updated, it might show glitches in the name of hints to tell you that the update is required urgently.
  4. Reinstall the App – reinstalling the application will refresh the app and it’ll start working like new.

GoPuff Referral not Working?

Is GoPuff Referral not working for you? If yes, then we can say that either the date is expired for redemption or it has been over 30 days since you redeemed the referral code but did not make use of it.

So, once you get the referral, you are required to redeem it within 30 days. If not, the referral will expire and you cannot use it.

And after you get the notification of the request asking you to follow the further procedure for issuance of the reward, you are required to complete it within 30 days.

Contact Customer Service

If none of the solutions mentioned above helped you, you can contact the customer service of GoPuff company and report your complaint. The contact information is placed on the homepage at the very end of the official website of GoPuff.

Final vedict

The solutions mentioned above have to help the user as there is no major cause detected behind this issue. If nothing helps, users can directly contact the customer support team.

Why is GoPuff not loading?

If the GoPuff application or website is not loading on your device, you can check your network connection and speed.

Why won’t GoPuff place my order?

If you are unable to place your order at the GoPuff website or app, you are required to contact the customer service team on 855 400 7833 to receive immediate assistance.

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