Google My Business added new “Place an Order” Link for US retailers.

Google Business added new “Place an Order” Button for US retailers.

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Google My Business Announces new “Place an order” button link on the Google Business Profile store for U.S. Retailers. Now, your customers can find your website store link directly from your Google Store Profile on the Google.

Additionally, you can also add many other links provided by the Google My Business like “Make a Reservation”, “Place a food order”, “Book an appointment”.

How to Add “Place an Order” Linkcin Google My Business?

Here is a step by step guide to add the “Place an Order” and many other links on your Google Business Store:

  • Sign in into your Google My Business.
  • Click on to the Info Section.
  • It will open Edit Several Different Fields.
  • Now, you can see the different links as per your Business category.
  • You can choose the link from them like “Place an order”, “Book an appointment”, “Place a food order”.
  • After selecting, Click Apply.

 Note: You can’t add informational links such as Covid19, service, menu links here.

Here is the official tweet of Google My Business regarding this update:

You can see on the tweet, how “Place an order” link looks like. Now, it’s also easy to find products and place the order for consumers.

However, these options are currently available for only U.S. Retailers. We hope Google My Business will launch this feature for more countries like U.K, Canada and other countries soon.

Google My Business adds new features day by day to help the vendors and making their profile better. This is another great move by Google My Business to provide the better quality to the vendors as well as customers.

You can also go here to read more about this update of Google My Business.

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