Issue: Dead by Daylight Error Code 8012/ DBD Error Code 8012


Many Dead by Daylight users are unable to connect to the game due to DBD Error Code 8012. The issue has been faced by almost all devices like PC, PS 4, Xbox etc.

Dead by Daylight Error Code 8012

In this article, we will explain what does this error mean, causes of it and how you can easily fix it.

The error message is shown as “Cannot connect to online services, please try again later. Error code: 8,012.”

Causes of Dead by Daylight Error 8012

According to Day by Daylight officials there are mainly two reason behind this error.

  • Day by Daylight’s server down issues may responsible for this error or your platform’s service is facing difficulties or other connectivity related issues.

You can try to resolve these issues by following the next solution.

Check Service Status

First, you need to check the service status of the Dead by Daylight. Follow the below instructions to check the service status of your game:

However, Dead by Daylight has many server connections related issues. Many people often face these problems on a daily basis. So, you need to just wait for the few times until the issue is getting fixed.

Check your Internet connection

The issues regarding internet connection also may generate the error 8012. Here are the some troubleshooting steps you can use to fix your internet connection.

  • If you are not getting enough speed of internet, restart your router and try to connect the game again.
  • You can also connect to your mobile hotspot to get to know about the issue is related to WiFi or not.

Restart your Device

Many Dead by Daylight users fixed their error by just restarting their device . Thus, you can also try to fix the error by restarting your PC.

After, applying the all the ways, if you are still experiencing the same issue, wait for the sometime or contact the official support of the Dead by Daylight.

What is Dead by Daylight Error Code 8012?

Dead by Daylight Error 8012 represents the issue related to the connectivity issue in server or your system.


In this article, we explained all the information about DBD Error code 8012 and how you can easily fix it. The error is related to the server down or connection issues.

You can also share your views regarding this error in comment section below.





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