ESPN Error Code 1008 [ESPN App Not Working]

ESPN Error Code 1008 espn not working

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Many ESPN users are encountering error code 1008 in their app.

In this article, we will explain all the information regarding this issue and causes of it.

ESPN Error Code 1008 [Explained]

Let’s first take a look at what error 108 is in ESPN and why it occurs.

What is ESPN error code 1008? The causes of it.

ESPN Error Code 1008 espn not working

ESPN error code 1008 is an issue with starting the app. This is happening on the side of ESPN. However, there is no official statement or solution provided by ESPN.

People are getting the various error messages such as “Startup Error Something went wrong, the application could not start up correctly (1008)”.

So what is the solution to get rid of this problem? You should read the information below to get more information.

Wait a While     

You must have to wait for a sometime until the any update or statement release by the ESPN. Often times, ESPN error 1008 will automatically go away or resolve after a while.

In addition, you can also check various forums or sites like Downdetector to get more information regarding the issue.

Contact Support

If the error persists after a long time, you should contact ESPN official support. They will give you more information and a solution to your problem.

You can contact to the Support of the ESPN by visiting here:

We hope this information will help you get rid of your problem. If you have any other ESPN related issue, let us know in the comments section below. We will definitely try to help you with your problem.


ESPN Error Code 1008 is a temporary issue related to the Startup in the app. In this article, we have explained all the information and solution regarding this error code.

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