Fixed: Error Code 93 in Fortnite

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Fortnite is a very popular video game available in most of all of device like Windows, Mac, PS 4, PS 5, Xbox one, iOS and Android. However, it is a game so it also brings some errors in game. Error Code 93 is one of the common error in Fortnite. Cause of Error Code 93 we are not able to join a party in Fortnite. In this article, we explained all information about Error Code 93 and how to easily fix it.

What does Error Code 93 mean in Fortnite?

Error Code 93 is occurring while we trying to join a party at that point we are automatically kicked out with this error message and it makes a very difficult play game with your friends. However, we found out some easy solutions to fix Error Code 93 as soon as possible. Follow our next steps to solve this error.

How to Fix: Error Code 93 in Fortnite

Change Your Skin

There is no any legit and particular one reason behind this error. It may occur for the many reasons and cause of bugs. The simple solution for resolving this error is if you want to play with our friends, then you have to try to fix it by changing the skin. It works for many Fortnite users, but if you are still getting this error message then you have to follow our next solution to fix the Error Code 93.

Switch the Lobby to Public

The other way to fix Error Code 93 could be to switch created lobby private to public. Follow the below steps to do it.

  • Open the game.
  • Go to the Settings.
  • You will find switch private to a public option in the top right, below party finder.

After switching the lobby, private to public, check for the error if it’s fixed or not.

Use Your Epic Friend List for Joining the Game

There is another way to fix Error Code 93 is we can try by adding our friends to the Epic Game Friend list, we can find it on the game launcher instead of simply having them on our normal Fortnite friend list. We can add our friends there by using the email address or epic username. Here are the steps for doing it:

  • Start the Epic game launcher and open Fortnite.
  • Go to your Friend list of Epic Games.
  • Click on it to add a friend, type your friend name and click on add.
  • After the friend request accepting by your friend, try to join a lobby in the game.
  • Xbox one user has to use their friends Xbox Gamer tag to add friend request.

It will only work if you are not already friends, you can also try by unfriending tour party members and re-friending them in the Epic game friend list. After applying all the above steps check for the Error Code 93 if it is fixed or not, if it still occurs then follow our next solution for resolving it.

Check for Server Issues

After applying all the above solutions and still you are getting this error, then there is a possibility you are looking at a server-side issue. You need to check out for the server issues then go to the various online forums to get the information about it, whether others users are getting same issue or error. If many people are facing this same error, then you have to wait for the official solution or update of bug fix.


Error Code 93 is one of the common error in Fortnite game. The Cause of this error Fortnite users are unable to join the party in game. In this article, we explain every solution to fix Error Code 93 in Fortnite.


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