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DU Error Code 101636 [Ways to Fix]

DU Error Code 101636 [Ways to Fix]

DU Error Code 101636 – Many DU users are facing the error code 101636 problem on their devices. This article will show you a detailed procedure to solve DU error 101636.

Since DU didn’t include error 101636 in their error list, it is pretty impossible to say for sure what DU Error Code 101636 means.

Nevertheless, some users reported that they get this error while opening the checklist log with details, giving you 06G-080 with error code 118337 or during a purchase or it can also be said that it is an encompassing error. Check out the guide below on how to get rid of error 101636.

What is Du Error Code 101636

This error typically occurs if there is a mismatch between the information you provide and the actual information available. In such situations, if DU determines that your account requires additional verification, you might encounter this error code.

Thus, it is important that you ensure all your details are accurately provided and instruct your employer to do the same when prompted.

DU Error Code 101636 [How to Fix]

First of all, you should comprehend what the precise problem is and why it is occurring in your device. Since, du error 101636 is not listed in DU error list, there is no any information or solutions are available regarding the DU error code 101636. Still, you can try out these troubleshooting methods to fix your issue.

Follow these troubleshooting steps to solve your DU error code 101636 issue.

Check Information

One of the first things you should do when you encounter the error 101636 is to make sure that the information you've given is correct and valid.

Keep Track of the Changes

Remember to check the ‘to be corrected information' from time to time. And when making the required changes to the data being provided, it might take some time.

Therefore, it is crucial that you keep track of it and see that the alterations you've done get updated in order for your application to get accepted.

Delete additional ghost properties

The new URLA 1003 has a lot of ghost fields that need to be cleared. So, go to the verification fields at the bottom of the tools VOE, VOL, VOD, VOM, VOR fields and clear out the properties that are of no use currently.

  1. Go to 1003 YRLA part 3-section 3
  2. Click on the “Show all VOM” on the right
  3. Delete all the additional ghost properties

Clear property lines

If you get this error code on a purchase and they don’t own any other RS, then you can try clearing out the 2 “blank” property lines in the VOM.

Contact their team

If you are still receiving the same error code after applying the remedy to the error code, you can contact the Technology Support Centre at 1-800-232-6643.

Conclusion: DU Error Code 101636 is not included in their error code list, so I hope the above article has explained all the details related to this error code and helped you solve your issue.


How do I Fix DU error 101636?

You can try clearing out the properties listed that are of no use currently. By doing so, it'll avoid any confusion during the time of verification.

What is Du error 101636?

DU didn’t include error 101636 in their error list. However, you might encounter this error if there is a mismatch between the information you've provided and the data that is already there.

Is DU Fannie or Freddie?

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