Disney Plus Error Code 1028 [How to Fix]

Disney Plus Error Code 1028

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Many Disney Plus users are encountering Disney Plus Error Code 1028. It is frustrating to see any errors while we want to watch any show and it is not working properly.

The error message is shown as “dictionary_service_init_failure” (Error Code 1028).

Due to this error Disney Plus app can’t load, hence users are unable to watch any shows.

How to Fix: Disney Plus Error Code 1028

In this article, we are going to explain how to fix Disney Plus Error Code 1028.

Update the Disney+ App & OS

An outdated version of the App may responsible for the error. Hence, you need to make sure you are using the latest version of the Disney+ App.

Additionally, you need to also use the updated OS of your Smart TV.

Reinstall the Disney Plus App

You need to follow the below instructions to reinstall the Disney+ App in your Smart TV.

  • Start your Smart TV.
  • Go & Uninstall Disney Plus App.
  • After uninstallation, restart your Smart TV.
  • Go to the App store again and install Disney+ App again.
  • Now, try to access the App again.
  • Make sure you are using an updated version of your Smart TV.

Hopefully, it will simply fix your issue. If it will not work follow the next instructions.

Wait for Some time & Check Forums

Sometimes, the issue can be global and it may be encountered by many users of the Disney + app. Therefore, we should wait for some time as these types of errors are often server related and temporary.

You can also check out various forums to get the more information and solution regarding your issue.

Reset your Device

If you are constantly getting error after a few days, then you need to reset your smart TV. However, this method is not recommended as it will uninstall all apps and you will have to reinstall it.

If any of the above methods don’t work, you should contact to the Disney Plus help center.


Disney Plus Error Code 1028 represents issue related to the app opening or working. In this article, we explained all the information and ways to fix this issue.

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