Discovery Plus vs Disney Plus: Which is Best? [2023]

Discovery Plus vs Disney Plus

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Discovery Plus vs Disney Plus – Are you wondering which streaming site between Discovery Plus and Disney Plus is best? Which offers the most Entertainment? Or fit in your Budget? Or suits your taste? To find out that check out this Discovery Plus vs Disney Plus comparison article!

When you are bored, entertainment through television and streaming is the easiest method to kick away boredom. But, when you look at the never-ending list of options you have for streaming – it just gets all messy again.

Which website offers a free trial? Which website is highly reputed and trusted? Which streaming website has lower subscription rates? More importantly – which site works as per your preferences? All these questions and more will flood your mind as you are on a run to find your ideal streaming Website.

So, to help you a little, we have Discovery Plus and Disney Plus here. Who would have not heard about these channels streaming through your cable? Most of you would have already come by these well-known streaming services.

In this article, we are going to help you focus on the important points you need to look at in both cases, such as Video Quality, User Interface, User Experience, Device Compatibility, and more points – and decide which one you must choose. To get the comparison between Discovery Plus and Disney Plus, keep reading!

Discovery Plus vs Disney Plus: Overview

Discovery Plus: Discovery Plus is an upgraded streaming channel by Discovery that focuses on streaming all the original shows from Discovery Channel and all content obtained by the company.

Discovery Plus vs Disney Plus

Discovery Plus started to acquire the market in March 2020. Based on the results from August 3rd, 2021, Discovery plus has about 18 million active users on its channel.

It includes HGTV, Investigation Discovery, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Asian Food Network, Food Network, and more. In a few European cities, Discovery plus offers sports content with the help of Discovery’s Eurosport networks.

The company offers both a mobile app and a website to access Discovery Plus and you can access it on any type of device.

Disney Plus: Disney Plus is an American-based subscription streaming service, which is an on-demand and over-the-top service provider. The company is owned by the Media and Entertainment Distribution group of The Walt Disney Company.

disney plus vs discovey plus

Disney Plus is an updated version of the Disney channel that was launched in 2019 on November 12. Michael Paull is the current President of the company and its headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California, United States. As per the survey on January 1st 2022, Disney plus recorded a total number of 129.8 million active users.

You can stream the content from Disney plus through an application or website. Both the app and website are accessible from both Android and Apple devices.

Recently, Disney Plus announced that there will be no offer of a free trial for new members. This means – that if you want to try the service of Disney plus, you are required to pay for a subscription first.

Discovery Plus vs Disney Plus: What do they offer?

Discovery Plus: you can find all the shows and content from the channel and also from some other associates of Discovery Channel on Discovery Plus.

Now This, AHC, History, OWN, Discovery, Lifetime, TRVL, TLC, Destination America, the dodo, Animal Planet, DIY Network, Food Network, A and E, Sci, and Cooking Channel – are a few of the channels that are included in the content provider list at Discovery Plus

The total number of variety shows to stream sums up to over 55,000 episodes all over. From old Legendary hits to new modern and trendy content – Discovery claims to have all of it for you.

Maratha Knows Best, Deadliest Catch, the Ford’s, Say Yes To The Dress, In Sickness And In Healthy, Dirty Jobs, Cocktails, Tall Tails, Lauda Can’t Cook, Iron Chef, Food Stars, and At Home are few of the popular hits at Discovery plus website.

Apart from the series and movie hits, the original shows and reality shows have all unique and diversified concepts. Although the service provider focuses on quality shows only, they still have stories related to history, food, and home altogether.

A tip for you – if you want to get a Discovery Plus subscription for streaming a lot of movies, then remember that discovery+ focuses more on reality shows and originals rather than movies.

Disney Plus: Disney plus will include everything you stream on Disney Channel. Along with that, you will get new releases instantly after release, including series, classics, and originals. Not only from Disney – but you can also stream content from Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and Nat Geo.

If you take a subscription to Disney plus – you will unlock more than 500 movies from the Disney library. You will also be able to access over 7,000 TV shows from the original Disney Channel, National Geographic, and Disney-owned Fox.

Discovery Plus vs Disney Plus: How they stack up!

Supported Devices:

Discovery Plus: Discovery+ website and app is accessible from almost every type of device you have – Tablets, desktops, and smartphones along with browsers. The list also includes Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox, Amazon Fire Smart TVs, Fire TV, and Android TVs.

Disney Plus: Disney plus support Amazon Fire tablet, Windows 10 and 11 for both tablets and computers, Android phones and tablets with almost all types of models and versions, and Apple iPhones and iPads.


Discovery Plus: To get the services from Discovery Plus, you are required to pay a sum of $4.99 every month. This plan will include ads. However, if you wish to remove ads, you are required to pay a $6.99 subscription plan every month.

Disney Plus: To enjoy the services of Disney plus, you are required to pay a subscription plan of $7.99 every month.

Web Interface:

Discovery Plus: Discovery Plus app and website are simple to use. The user interface is neat and decent. You can go for a tour on Discovery plus through the Search icon, Home, Browser, and My List.

To access your account settings, you can go for your profile icon which is on the right side of the page. From there, review your billing information, switch profiles, remove devices connected and even create new profiles.

Discovery Channel will help you pick up from the same minute you left through the continue-watching feature. It also has a list of recommendations waiting for you every time you visit them. You can filter the list of networks and other things in alphabetical order.

To save your time, you can narrow your search through categories and other things like Shows, Episodes, Collections, Specials, and Extras. You can add the ones you would like to watch in the My List section.

Disney Plus: Unfortunately, after reading reviews on the internet it seems like the Disney plus web interface is not that good. Many people said the web interface and user interface face are not up to the mark and kind of feel empty. Comparing the Disney plus interface to Netflix or Discovery+, Disney plus lacks a lot of common features. And top up everything, it does not remember where you left. And doesn’t let you watch the episode or movie from the minute you left.

Mobile Apps:

Discovery Plus: the mobile app’s interface is similar to the web interface for Discovery Plus. You can alter the settings of your profile and create new ones and switch between the profiles. The account section will also help you with the subscription plans and settings.

Disney Plus: you can download the Disney Plus app through Google Play Store or App Store. The interface for apps is not different from that of the web. You can still feel the emptiness though in overall it all looks elegant. However, it does not look messy and updated and has all the important features set right in front of your eyes – so that you don’t have to search for them.

Video Quality:

Discovery Plus: you can stream 4K on Discovery Plus for all the eligible content. However, the 4K is unable for the 4K Apple TV set-up box and Amazon Fire TV devices.

Disney Plus: Disney+ has 4K Ultra HD, HDR10, and Dolby qualities supporting eligible content and supporting devices. The quality also depends on the speed of your network.

User Experience:

Discovery Plus: most of the content on Discovery Plus is available in HD quality, that is 1080p which gives a good user experience. But, there is no description and rating for the movie or series you are watching. Moreover, it does not have a feature to add the current series to your list and you’ll also get ads based on the subscription you paid for and ads depends on the content you are watching.

Disney Plus: due to Disney Plus having a simple and empty user interface, the user experience is not quite what everyone expects it to be. There are many things Disney plus has focused on and that is a good point – but there are many more things that are required to be renovated.

Is Discovery Plus part of Disney Plus?

Is Discovery plus part of Disney Plus? – No. Discovery+ is owned by Discovery Channel and Disney plus works under The Walt Disney production. Although they both are subsidiaries, they still have different parent organizations. So, they are not related unless we are speaking about competition.


In the end – Discovery plus seems to be a step ahead of Disney plus – not with content streaming and quality, but if you have a keen eye for user interface, then Disney Plus may not be a good choice for you. In this case, you must go for Discovery plus first.

We hope, the Discovery Plus vs Disney Plus article has helped you choose a service that suits your needs.

Frequently asked Questions

Is Discovery Plus and Disney Plus same?

No. Discovery+ and Disney plus comes from different parent organisations. They are not at all related to the industry unless you are speaking about competition. Both of them stream different content from different channels and productions. Both are different in most ways.

Is Disney Plus and Discovery Plus same?

No. Disney Plus focuses on Marvel, Pixar and other production movies along with its Originals while Discovery plus will stream all types of reality shows related to Food, Travel, History and other related categories for you. Both of them come from different parent companies and are not at all the same. They may be competitors in the market, but by every means they are different.

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