Crunchyroll Error Code P-Dash-28 [How to Fix]

Crunchyroll Error Code P-Dash-28

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Crunchyroll Error Code P-Dash-28: Crunchyroll is the leading American entertainment company. It is famous for offering anime and manga, where you get the most popular Anime to the least famous and underrated manga to read — Jujutsu Kaisen, Horimiya, and all included. 

Overall, it is officially a distribution center of Anime, television series, and films. But, for some time now, its application has been showing an error code, that’s not allowing users to stream properly.

We are talking about the Crunchyroll Error Code P-Dash-28. As of September 2023, there’s no official solution for the same. Yet, if you are facing the same problem, then don’t worry because the article below contains all the possible troubleshooting you need. 

What is the Crunchyroll Error Code P-Dash-28?

The Crunchyroll Error Code P-Dash-28 seems to be completely stopping users from streaming on the Crunchyroll app. Crunchyroll has not discussed this issue publicly, which means that it is not from their side or not that big of a deal.

Yet, according to sources, the following reasons may be the main cause of the error code. 

Crunchyroll’s Servers

If Crunchyroll servers are down and not working due to a certain service outage, then there is no way the Crunchyroll platforms, including the Crunchyroll app, will work properly.

Therefore, you need to check if Crunchyroll servers are running and to do so, you can trust some reliable sources like Downdetector from Ookla to check the Crunchyroll server status here

Poor Internet Connection 

The second main cause of the problem, that everyone is talking about on the internet, is poor internet connection. It is obvious that if the internet connection is poor or unstable, there’s no way the content will load – which will eventually lead to error issues. 

How to Fix: Crunchyroll Error Code P-Dash-28

Restart Internet Connection or Modem & Router

Since the main cause of the problem is due to a poor Internet connection, you must first check if your Internet connection is doing good. 

If you find that it’s unstable or working poorly, then you can restart the Internet connection through the modem or the router if you’re using Wi-Fi. 

Clear Cache & Cookies

If you have a load of cache stored for the Crunchyroll app, then it’s prone to show issues, most likely error codes and glitches.  To solve the problem, you can follow some simple instructions given below and clear the cache and cookies for the Crunchyroll app:

For iOS, 

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. On the left, choose the General option.
  3. Select iPhone Storage.
  4. Scroll down and choose the Crunchyroll app.
  5. Click on the Offload App option at the end.
  6. Reinstall the Crunchyroll app from the App Store.

For Android, 

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to the page where you’ll find all the apps.
  3. Search for the Crunchyroll app. 
  4. Choose the Clear Cache option (it will be available at the bottom of the screen).
  5. If you receive 2 options or a confirmation pop-up box, then select the appropriate one.

Update the Crunchyroll App

If you don’t know — if an app is outdated, it is prone to show issues at some parts of the system, or the whole app will glitch and show bugs all over. 

Therefore, check if the Crunchyroll app is pending any updates, and if you find any, then update right away. 

Try Another Device

If you think your device is the issue here, maybe it’s not supporting the Crunchyroll app for some reason, then till it is all good and ready to go, you can try using another device to stream through the Crunchyroll app. 

Restart the Crunchyroll App

Oftentimes, the apps are attacked by a minor bug or a glitch in some prominent part of its system, which will obviously stop its smooth workflow. 

However, it’s not something big so you can get rid of this bug or glitch by only restarting the app. So, you should try restarting the Crunchyroll app and try twice or thrice if once doesn’t help. 

Disable VPN

We all know that using a VPN is not exactly a safe and legal choice, and some websites and apps don’t support the use of VPN at all.

Therefore, if you have a VPN switched on while using the app, then you should try disabling it and then trying to stream on the Crunchyroll app. 

Contact Crunchyroll Support

Contacting the Crunchyroll customer service team is the very last option on the list. 

To reach the Crunchyroll customer service, you’ll have to visit the Crunchyroll Contact Us page, and then choose the Crunchyroll Help Center option under the customer service headline. 

After you reach the Crunchyroll knowledge base page, you can find plenty of FAQs available along with promoted articles for basic problems. 

If you couldn’t find your answer there, then you can also opt for the live chat option available at the bottom-right corner of the same page. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Crunchyroll Error Code P-Dash-28 Xbox?

The Crunchyroll Error Code P-Dash-28 Xbox seems to be appearing not only when you are trying to connect your Crunchyroll with Xbox, but also with other devices — not allowing you to stream, mostly because of a poor network connection. 

How to solve the Crunchyroll Error Code P-Dash-28 ps5?

To solve the Crunchyroll Error Code P-Dash-28 ps5, you should make sure your Internet connection is working properly and is stable, and also that Crunchyroll servers, especially for the app, are up and running. 

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