Crunchyroll Code Med 4005 [How to Fix 2023]

Crunchyroll Code Med 4005

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Crunchyroll Code Med 4005: Crunchyroll is probably the top service provider for anime and manga from the most popular to the least famous ones. It offers an extensive library, which is accessible if you opt for any subscription plan it has.

From Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer, to Jujutsu Kaisen, Horimiya, and many more, all are included. Indeed, the platform is a go-to destination for millions. But, the same platform is having an issue with video-playing – not allowing users to stream episodes.

While playing an episode, the error message ‘Oops! Something went wrong. Try again’ with the code Crunchyroll Code Med 4005 pops up. But, don’t worry, because the article mentioned below contains all the possible ways to get rid of the Crunchyroll Code Med 4005 error issue. 

What is the Crunchyroll Code Med 4005?

The Crunchyroll Code Med 4005, according to some sources, means that Crunchyroll is currently having a service outage. 

It happens when you try to watch an episode and the screen goes black, the error code and message appear, while the video is still going on in the background with clear audio.

How to Fix: Crunchyroll Code Med 4005

Check Server Status

As you might have already read above, the main cause of this error can be that Crunchyroll servers are down because of a sudden outage or maybe because of some other reason.

If the servers are down, then all you can do is wait till they are up and running. To check if the servers are up or down, you can visit some of the trusted sites like Dowdetector here

Disable Ad-Blocker

For a few of the users facing the same problem, disabling the ad blocker helped them solve the problem and they were able to stream without obstacles. 

Disabling an ad blocker is an easy task, and you can do so through the ad-blocker extension at the top bar of the browser. 

Clear Cache & Cookies

If there is a load of cache gathered in your browser, then it might also stop you from using some websites including Crunchyroll properly. Therefore, we suggest you clear cache and cookies for your browser by following a few simple steps mentioned below:

For Safari

  1. Open Safari and go to Settings available on the left. 
  2. Tap on History
  3. Then, tap on the Clear option at the end.
  4. Choose All Time from the time range for better results.

For Chrome

  1. Open Chrome and go to the More option.
  2. Select MoreTools, then Clear Browsing Data.
  3. When the time range selection comes up — choose All Time
  4. Then, put a tick on both the boxes — ‘Cookies and Other Site Data’ and ‘Cached images and Files’. 

Play Next Episode

The error code might also be appearing because of a small glitch in the video player system. 

However, this glitch or minor bug can be kicked out by simply switching the channels or playing the next episode, then going back to the previous one you are watching. 

Contact Crunchyroll Support

If none of the troubleshooting methods mentioned above worked for you, then the last option you have is to contact the Crunchyroll support team.

To do so, you can visit its Contact Us page, then under the customer service headline, tap on the Crunchyroll help center option. 

Once you reach the knowledge base, you can have a look around at the FAQ section for answers to your questions, or, simply tap on the live chat option at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and explain the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to fix the Crunchyroll Code Med 4005 error?

To fix the Crunchyroll Code Med 4005 error, you should disable the ad blocker, clear cache and cookies for your browser, or try switching episodes. 

What is the Crunchyroll Code Med 4005 code?

The Crunchyroll Code Med 4005 code is usually caused when the Crunchyroll servers are facing a sudden service outage. Or, there are more reasons like a small glitch in the video player system or you have an ad blocker enabled.

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